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Databricks Managed Services and Consulting

Databricks professional services that simplify your data management and analytics
Our Databricks solution architects will help you navigate the complex terrain of Databricks implementation.
Use the potential of lakehouses and implement a modern data architecture for fast and cost-effective AI analytics.

Databricks Benefits For Your Business

Analyze data at scale, get high-performance warehouses, and increase business agility with integrated cloud services.
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    Data-Driven Business Insights

    Build integrations on top of Databricks Apache Spark to enable advanced analytics for the entire data landscape. Connect easily to a wide variety of BI tools and analytics engines to mine actionable insights based on your business processes.
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    Lightweight Analysis

    Get to smart analysis faster with a standardized ML lifecycle built into Databricks analytics. Make the most out of your assets for all business use cases and enable self-service analytics with enterprise-grade performance and governance.
  • Managed Services and Consulting

    Consolidated Architecture

    Eliminate fragmentation with a single SaaS interface where you can store, clean, and visualize vast amounts of input from disparate sources. Leverage Databricks platform to perform all-in tasks - from basic ETL to BI and AI analysis.
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    Secure Enterprise Cloud

    Run your data, analytics, and AI workloads with a collaborative Databricks enterprise cloud service. Set up an Azure Databricks environment for better interoperability with your architecture or get a zero-management cloud platform based on Databricks Spark.

Databricks Professional Services For Data-Driven Companies

Combine the best of data engineering, smart analytics, and effective data governance with unique Databricks products.

Data Engineering

Tap into a unique asset processing engine with an unrivaled price-value ratio. Scale automatically to thousands of nodes, automate your ETL processes, and bring all your data under one roof – with zero infrastructure management.

  • Unified solution for all data types
  • Automated ETL pipeline
  • Fully managed orchestration
  • Built-in integration capabilities

Databricks Lakehouse

We can help you implement and scale the Databricks platform so you can get the best of flexible lakehouses and the reliability of warehouses. Create an open and unified platform for all your data, analytics, and AI workloads.

  • Unified and cost-efficient data analysis
  • Analytics workloads with AI/machine learning
  • Multi-cloud experience
  • Quick execution of highly complex queries

Databricks SQL

Perform SQL and BI workloads directly on your data lakes, create advanced visualizations, and unlock up to 12x better price-performance value. Our data warehouse consultants will help you break away from legacy warehouses to innovative, serverless-based storage.

  • Unified governance model
  • The flexibility of serverless
  • Easy integration with your digital estate
  • Free from lock-in
Getting behind Your Analysis? Need a Unified View?
Unlock insights from all assets with built-in analysis intelligence and consolidated data storage.
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All-in-One Solution For Your Data

We help you develop Databricks leadership and stay ahead of the competition with fast insight generation.
Solution For Your Data


We create unified data architectures anchored in domain knowledge and analytics excellence.

Why InData Labs?

Get the most out of your investment with our mature expertise in data development and analytics.
  • Highly Experienced Team

    Certified data engineers

    Our cross-functional teams of 80+ data scientists, analysts, and designers create a consistent solution based on your needs.
  • Strong ML team

    Seasoned partner

    Since 2014, we’ve been delivering Big data development and consulting for global companies across sectors.
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    Result-driven collaboration

    Building on your business challenges, we create custom solutions that result in higher profits, greater revenue growth, and better innovation levels.

Certified Databricks Partner

We stay on top of the latest industry trends and get exclusive knowledge from industry leaders and cloud providers.
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Customer Success

BI Solution for Unification Construction Projects Analysis

Unified Analytics Solution for Construction Projects

Our client was looking for a new analytics architecture to store, process, and glean insights from complex construction projects.

Our engineers went with a serverless architecture to enable cost-effective real-time processing and delivered a tailored analytics suite. The result is a robust architecture that processes and updates 100s of files per data center per day.

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Food Supply Chain Management

IoT Digital Transformation for Supply Chain

Our team was hired to perform Azure cloud migration and facilitate real-time IoT sensor data processing and customer analytics.

We performed the end-to-end migration process and enabled machine learning analytics based on Azure Databricks. The result is a new architecture that produces accurate insights into the supply chain with real-time dashboards.

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Delivering Data Intelligence for Chemical Industry

Analytical Solution for Real-Time Sales

A chemical manufacturer needed a new architecture to look into the chemical composition of mixtures and monitor the sales dynamics.

Our engineering team transformed the unstructured production stack with Azure Databriks, delivered an advanced analytics solution, and set up real-time streaming in Power BI for better reporting.

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  • Databricks business model is a unified analytics platform that helps you prepare, act on, and understand your data. It’s also one of the most popular cloud-based enterprise solutions that allow you to use a variety of data services to clean and prepare your insights, build and train machine learning models, and generate insightful reports. You can also use Databricks features to collaborate with others on your data projects.

  • Databricks was founded by the creators of Apache Spark, a powerful open-source data processing platform. The latter also powers the core of Databricks, while Databricks provides a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to use Spark for data processing, analysis, and machine learning.

  • The platform runs on the cloud and helps you clean, prepare, and analyze data. You can use Databricks to run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Microsoft Azure Databricks.

    While the platform can run on any of the aforementioned providers, Databricks is optimized for AWS. In fact, the company has an AWS-specific version of the platform that makes it easy to get started with AWS and Databricks. If you’re looking to use Databricks on another cloud provider, you can still do so, but you may need to set up and configure the platform yourself.

  • You can use it on any hosting platform, regardless of the cloud.

  • Azure and Databricks are both cloud-based platforms that can be used for data processing and analysis. They are both managed services, meaning that they take care of the infrastructure and management for you.

    The main difference between them is that Azure is a general-purpose cloud platform while Databricks is designed specifically for analytics and machine learning. Databricks is built on top of Apache Spark, which is a powerful engine for large-scale data processing. Azure also has a Databricks service integrated with other Azure offerings that allows you to leverage data analytics and AI based on Apache Spark.

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