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AWS IoT Development Services

Tap into the future of IoT systems built on an innovative cloud core with our AWS IoT solutions
We help you leverage the synergy of AWS and IoT to build cutting-edge automation applications.

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AWS IoT Consulting and Development

Scale to billions of devices, unlock real-time analytics and facilitate data management with our AWS cloud IoT expertise.

AWS IoT Consulting

Enter the world of connected devices with a step-by-step action plan.
Our AWS IoT consultants take care of each aspect of your connected infrastructure and provide professional advisory on security, connectivity, monitoring, and data management.

  • Business case analysis
  • Proof of Concept
  • Sensor to cloud prototyping
  • Data security strategy
  • IoT solution project planning

Cloud IoT Infrastructure Development

Overcome the limits of on-premises infrastructure and efficiently manage a network of connected devices within a single interface. Our certified cloud engineers set up secure AWS IoT architecture in line with your industry standards and compliance requirements.

  • AWS cloud implementation
  • Cloud application development
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Data center implementation

AWS IoT Analytics and Reporting

Run ML-enabled analytics on sensor data and reason on operational insights to see the big picture. Our experts give you the tools to configure IoT devices, dive deep into device performance, and visualize trends via interactive, custom dashboards.

  • Preventative and predictive maintenance models
  • Custom IoT analytics platforms
  • Real-time sensor data visualization solutions
  • Admin dashboards for device management

AWS IoT Integration and Migration

Migrate your connected fleet of devices to a powerful and future-state cloud solution to maximize the value of connectivity. We plan and implement a seamless migration to AWS Core IoT, setting up smart, agile, and integrated environments for efficient data analysis.

  • Custom AWS cloud integrations
  • Migration to the AWS cloud
  • Managed cloud services
  • Cloud readiness assessment
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AWS IoT solution architecture

Our software engineers put the latest cloud technologies to the core of your AWS IoT solutions.

Analytics Engine

Easily run queries on device data, empower advanced analytics, and operationalise time-series analysis to get business value in real time.
  • AWS IoT SiteWise
    • Industrial data analysis
    • Predictive maintenance
  • AWS IoT Events
    • Alert notification
    • Remote device monitoring
  • AWS IoT Analytics
    • Fully managed IoT analysis
    • Machine learning inference
  • AWS IoT TwinMaker
    • Digital twins
    • Field operation monitoring

Connectivity and Control

Efficiently administer, monitor, and structure device connections in the cloud with minimized code footprint and reduced network bandwidth.
  • AWS IoT Core
    • Device-based applications
    • Automotive innovations
  • AWS IoT Device Management
    • All-in fleet hub
    • At-scale management
  • AWS IoT FleetWise
    • Vehicle data hub
    • Smart state monitoring

Capture Accelerating Value Embedded in IoT

Bridge two worlds for increased business efficiency and get a competitive edge in the market.
  • cloud

    High-Value Insights

    Derive deal-breaking insights from real-time data points and trigger responsive actions to optimize resources. Building a cloud hub enables you to analyze massive volumes of Big data, without the cost and burden of setting up an on-premise data center.
  • iot

    Improved Asset Tracking

    Keep all critical hardware in sight and resolve issues faster with an integrated, all-in-one asset tracking system. Rely on our AWS IoT Core services to achieve full, real-time visibility into your equipment, combined with interactive maps and geofencing.
  • Improved Productivity

    More Business Opportunities

    Drive new possibilities in existing processes, expand your service lines, and deliver state-of-art products for market leadership. Tap into the unlimited potential of connected products and ride the wave of connectivity to reach new revenue heights.
  • dollar reduce

    Reduced Operational Costs

    Bring connectivity to your costly equipment and prevent unscheduled equipment downtime with predictive analytics. Reduce maintenance costs, increase equipment lifespan, and boost your production capacity with smart sensor analytics.
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Our IoT AWS solutions deliver long-lasting change across different industries.

Why InData Labs?

Secure the right team of experts to achieve the long-term success of your business applications.
  • speed

    Speed To Market

    Following time-tested workflows, our skilled team of 80+ data and cloud engineers accelerates innovation at lower costs.
  • ai customer

    Certified Cloud Consultant

    We are a cloud-first company with around a decade of experience and deep Big data expertise.
  • security

    Ultimate Security

    We safeguard the security and integrity of your digital assets in accordance with industry standards.

Trusted Cloud Consulting Partner

Our company partners with leading cloud platform providers to stay at the edge of technology innovations.
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  • aws data analytics
  • AWS Database Specialty
  • AWS Machine Learning
  • AWS Developer Associate
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
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Let Our Clients Do the Talking

Customer Success

Implementing AI in the IoT-based Healthcare Application for Logistics

Remote Health Monitoring System

Our client is a European-based provider of IoT solutions. The company was looking to build an IoT-based application supplemented with AI models to track the working conditions of drivers.

The InData Labs team delivered an ML-enabled model that merges sensor data, runs smart analysis on the input, and triggers push notifications for iOS devices.

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Sensor-Based Activity Recognition Model

Sensor-Based Activity Recognition Model

Our developers implemented this project for an international IoT company. The client wanted to enhance the existing solution and improve the accuracy of an activity recognition model.

Our engineers have built a granular human activity recognition model based on accelerometer data to predict tense moments in basketball games.

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Food Supply Chain Management

Cloud Migration and IoT integration

Our team took over the end-to-end migration process for a food service company. Along with the full-scale cloud transition, the client needed to integrate the infrastructure with sensor data.

InData Labs’ team has delivered on the project requirements and set up a fully integrated cloud powerhouse with high processing for IoT.

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BI Solution for Unification Construction Projects Analysis

BI & Unified Analytics For Construction Projects

A data center management company approached InData Labs to build a real-time unified analytics solution for at-scale analysis and reporting of construction data.

We addressed the business needs of our client by delivering an analytics hub for real-time data processing and BI reporting.

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  • AWS and IoT is a managed cloud platform that lets connected devices easily and securely interact with cloud applications and other devices. It provides a seamless way for connected devices to connect, communicate and share data with each other.

    AWS IoT services offer a wide range of features and benefits that make it an ideal platform for building IoT applications. Some of the key features of IoT AWS services include:

    • Device management: Allows you to easily provision, manage and monitor your IoT devices.
    • Secure communications: Provides a secure way for your devices to communicate with each other and with cloud applications.
    • Data storage and management: Enables you to collect, store and analyze data from your devices.
    • Machine learning: Allows you to build IoT applications that can learn and improve over time.
  • There are four main types of IoT platforms, including:

    • Application enablement platforms – provide the tools and capabilities that developers need to create IoT applications.
    • Connectivity platforms – allow devices to connect into an accessible, interoperable ecosystem.
    • Data management platforms – help organizations manage and analyze the data generated by IoT devices.
    • Security platforms – provide the security tools and technologies that are essential for connectivity.
  • The connected solution architecture consists of the following layers:

    • Sensing layer – physical devices that capture input from the real world.
    • Gateways and data acquisition layer – gathers and stores raw data.
    • The edge layer – filters and pre-processes sensor input.
    • The cloud layer – applies at-scale analytics on the data.

    Each of these layers is essential to the functioning of the IoT, and they all work together to create a complex system.

  • The architecture of connectivity can include from 3 to 5 layers. The 5-step hierarchy consists of the following components:

    • Perception layer – the physical tier with devices.
    • Network layer – an intermediary that sends the input from the previous layer to middleware.
    • Middleware layer – stores and analyzes data flowing from the network layer.
    • Application layer – delivers application services to the user.
    • Business layer – a hub that manages the entire infrastructure.
  • AWS IoT costs can vary greatly depending on the scale and complexity of the system. On average, it may cost you anywhere between $50K to $1 million to set up an IoT infrastructure from scratch. The total cost of ownership for an IoT system also differs as it depends on the initial investment in hardware and software as well as the ongoing costs of support and maintenance.

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