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AWS Data Analytics

Discover what’s behind your data and open the door to entirely new data possibilities with AWS data analytics

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AWS-certified partner ready to assist you at every stage of your data analytics journey.
Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics

Collect, store and analyze your data at a high speed and in high volumes. Implement a data-driven approach to your business through managing data the right away and getting meaningful insights.

Replace manual data analysis processes and reduce common data processing errors with intelligent data analytics. By implementing AWS purpose-built and our custom Big Data analytics solutions, you do not only increase your efficiency but make your business adjusted and able to react faster to the changing business environment.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Consolidate your data into a unified analytical hub, create custom reports, dashboards using AWS data analytics tools and powerful data warehousing solutions. Make informed decisions relying on the data consolidated from multiple sources.

Let our engineers help you make the most of modern AWS analytics solutions by exploring, analyzing, visualizing and providing you with insights from your data. Turn insights into strategy and start increasing your gains.

Data Lakes

Data Lakes

Store your structured and unstructured data of any volume in an AWS lakehouse. Run multiple types of analytics like customer behavior, log and click analytics, social media and more, to spot and act upon business opportunities.

Advance productivity, make data-driven decisions, boost customer engagement and retain customers with strong data lake AWS.

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

Predictive Analytics & Machine Learning

Let our data scientists avail your company by solving your data challenges with Predictive analytics and Machine learning.

Implement our smart analytics services for more profound customer understanding, churn prediction and lifetime value optimization. Forecast demand and optimize your marketing strategy to better fit to the evolving needs of your customer.

AWS Analytics Services

Let us use the built-in tool to digitize and speed up your operational processes.
  • Amazon Athena
    • Data analysis in Amazon S3
    • Serverless querying
    • Interactive query performance
  • Amazon EMR
    • Fast data analytics
    • Scalable data pipelines
    • Real-time data processing
  • Amazon Kinesis
    • Fast data collection and analysis
    • Accurate insight extraction
  • Amazon QuickSight
    • ML-powered analytics
    • Data visualisations
  • AWS Glue
    • ETL pipeline development
    • Support multi frameworks
  • Amazon Redshift
    • Cloud datawarehousing
    • Shared data
  • Amazon MSK
    • Secured data streaming
    • Easy app deployment with native AWS integrations
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
    • Data streams at any scale
    • Real-time analytics
  • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
    • Load real-time streams into data lakes and warehouses
  • Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
    • Stream video from many devices
  • AWS Database Migration Service
    • Database migration
    • On-going replication
  • Amazon S3
    • Cloud-native app development
    • Data lake development
  • AWS Lake Formation
    • Managed and secured data
    • Data accessibility
Want to implement analytics on AWS?
AWS analytics means less routine work and more time for intelligence. Our team of engineers are ready to help you adopt AWS analytics to increase your business efficiency.
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AWS Analytics: Benefits for Your Business

Streamline operations and increase the efficiency of work with efficient data analytics solutions based on AWS.

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Our team is ready to help your business to transform and gain a competitive advantage through AWS data analytics services.
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    An AWS partner, the InData Labs team has been helping businesses facilitate their journey to digitization and innovation.
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    Since 2014, we’ve been developing solutions to accelerate Big data analytics adoption across many industries.
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We keep on improving our professional skills in data analytics by undergoing certain training and getting certifications.
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Customer Success

AI Customer Analytics Solution

AWS Customer Analytics Solution

The client is a FMCG company. They were looking for a technology partner to develop a text mining solution. The main goal was to better their services through data insights.

The InData Labs team has aided them with a natural language processing solution for email and audio analysis. The algorithm allows for fast and accurate email and audio data mining and insight extraction.

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AI Software Development

Building Influencer Marketing Analytics Platform

The client is a digital marketplace that connects brands and influencers. They needed to improve the functionality of their influencer marketing platform and enable real-time social media analytics.

Our team has integrated our own data analytics solution into the client’s platform. As a result, they have got robust real-time analytics on the platform and bright insights into social media user behavior.

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Term Extraction for Interpreters

Term Extraction for Simultaneous Interpreters

The client is a cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation platform. They needed efficient term extraction from various types of documents for interpreters.

Our team of engineers has provided them with a scalable web app for multi-language data extraction for interpreters.The solution enabled multi-language data extraction and eased the preparation to live events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • Descriptive Analytics
      Descriptive analytics is the basis of all. It helps extract insights on trends from raw data and understand what was/is happening.
    • Diagnostic Analytics
      Diagnostic analytics compares the trends and seeks for the correlations to understand the root of the problem.
    • Predictive Analytics
      Predictive analytics makes the predictions about future trends and influences the decision-making.
    • Prescriptive analytics
      Prescriptive analytics considers all factors possible to suggest the steps to follow.
  • AWS is a perfect fit for data analytics management. The Amazon’s service enables easy data processing and analysis.

    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon RDS
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon Lambda
    • Amazon CloudFront
    • Amazon Glacier
    • Amazon Kinesis
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Amazon Sagemaker, etc.

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