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AWS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Add more intelligence into your digital estate and act on your data flows with our AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning services

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Our AWS Machine Learning Expertise

Leverage our AWS and machine learning expertise to transform digital products and solve complex challenges.
Business analysis

Business analysis

Let algorithms perform the heavy data lifting to uncover hidden patterns in your business performance. Employ a data-driven mindset amplified with ready-to-use insights and forecasting abilities of smart solutions.

Build secure, powerful, and intelligent workflows to analyze trends, innovate faster, prevent fraud, and optimize resources. Our intelligent solutions add more context to your decisions and help you adjust to evolving landscapes with the least disruption.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Leverage a powerful duo of data science and artificial intelligence to forecast business outcomes and make risk-free transitions. Let our data scientists promote your company’s growth with custom forecasting solutions.

Give more traction to your products and services with our AWS machine learning expertise. We also help you perfect your marketing and sales efforts by building contextualized recommender systems with ML-powered personalization.

Speech analysis

Speech analysis

Give your digital assets a voice and let them channel your business message with no additional effort. We enhance your applications with speech recognition to help you scale your services and cater to every customer interaction.

Make sense of your voice-based channels, automate customer support, and reduce costs of client management with our custom AI solutions. Improve business outcomes and pull new meanings from all touchpoints – be it a client call or a clinical conversation.

Video and Image Analytics

Video and Image Analytics

Pull more insights from your structured and unstructured data, while lowering costs and efforts. Our AWS engineers build robust computer vision and image analysis tools with ample artificial intelligence capabilities.

Catalog assets, automate inspection, streamline monitoring, and make sense of your media. Make every bit of business data work to your advantage with our video and image analytics services.

Our AWS Machine Learning Services

Let us use the baked-in AWS intelligence to digitize and speed up your operational processes.
  • Amazon Fraud Detector
    • Detect anomalies
    • Improve your security posture
  • Amazon Forecast
    • Time-series forecasting
    • Business metrics analysis
  • Amazon Personalize
    • User-level recommendation
    • Customer segmentation
  • Amazon Transcribe
    • Convert speech to text
    • Analyze multi-channel media data
  • Amazon Comprehend
    • Multi-language document analysis
    • Real-time NLP analysis
  • Amazon SageMaker
    • Fully managed ML service
    • High-performance, affordable ML at scale
  • Amazon Lex
    • Build omnichannel conversational AI
    • Deploy NLP interfaces into apps
  • Amazon Kendra
    • Intelligent search capabilities
    • Return accurate answers from unstructured content
  • Amazon Rekognition
    • Analyze images and video
    • Add custom computer vision APIs
  • Amazon Lookout for Equipment
    • Smart equipment monitoring
    • At-scale sensor data analysis
  • Amazon Lookout for Metrics
    • Spot anomalies within metrics
    • Analyze and diagnose root causes
  • Amazon Polly
    • Convert text into lifelike speech
    • Automate news narration
Want to adopt machine learning on AWS?
AWS for machine learning is an all-in-one automation hub for better performance and higher efficiency. Our team of engineers are ready to help you at any stage of your AWS journey.
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How can we help your company?

  • Advisory

    Get strategic advice and actionable guidelines to build with confidence, migrate risk-free, and optimize wisely.
  • Managed Services

    Let us help you navigate the complexity of cloud architectures and take over all cloud management burdens.
  • Infrastructure Migration

    Our cloud engineers will move your data and applications to secure cloud environments and support a smooth transition.
  • Cloud Software Development

    Build a future-proof, secure, and performant cloud solution with a team of cloud app development experts.

How You Gain from AI & Machine Learning Services on AWS

Accelerate performance, optimize business processes, and scale faster with our AWS machine learning services.

Why InData Labs?

We deliver transformation at scale and help you make the most of AWS AI and machine learning tools.
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    Certified AWS Partner

    As a trusted AWS partner, we keep a high technical bar based on best AWS practices and high competency in the AWS ecosystem.
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    Years of Experience

    Since 2014, we’ve been helping companies build impactful solutions and grasp innovation-driven opportunities.
  • Highly Experienced Team

    Team of Experts

    We are a cross-functional team of 80+ ML and Big data professionals ready to solve your unique business challenges.


We never stop expanding our skills and validate our knowledge during industry-best training and certifications.
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Let Our Clients Do the Talking

Customer Success

AI Customer Analytics Solution

NLP Customer Analytics Solution

The client is an FMCG company looking to build an intelligent text mining solution based on natural language processing. The expected result of the project was enhanced customer experience and lifetime value.

The InData Labs team delivered a text mining solution for email and audio analysis based on the AWS infrastructure. The solution helps the client track customer sentiment and adjust the company’s offerings accordingly.

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AI Software Development

Real-time Social Media Analytics

Our client is an influencer marketing platform for brands and influencers. They needed to amplify their platform with broader analytics capabilities with a real-time social media analytics engine.

Our team has built and delivered a custom data analytics solution for both user groups. As a result, brands and influencers have timely access to critical marketing performance data with granular user segmentation.

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Term Extraction for Interpreters

Multi-Language Data Extraction for Interpreters

A leading cloud-based Remote Simultaneous Interpretation turned to InData Labs to build a smart term extraction solution. The solution was to extract industry-specific terminology and event-related data from various types of documents for interpreters.

Our team of engineers built and delivered a full-fledged term extraction solution with data scraping to facilitate fast and easy multi-document upload and processing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Amazon Machine Learning is a suite of AI services offered by Amazon Web Services. This set of tools helps companies jump-start their ML adoption and access baked-in features for predictive analytics, image recognition, and other intelligent capabilities.

  • In terms of machine intelligence, GCP and AWS offer similar services. AWS provides a full-fledged artificial intelligence platform for building traditional ML implementations, NLP and speech recognition tools, and object/face recognition systems.

    The GCP suite includes a Google ML engine for complicated business tasks, Google Cloud AutoML for faster adoption, and TensorFlow for deep learning applications. The GCP also offers Vertex AI for speech processing, image analysis, and computer vision.

    Therefore, your choice should depend on your unique project needs and existing tech ecosystem.

  • Python is a leading programming language for machine learning. The AWS ecosystem also supports Python and uses it natively in Amazon SageMaker notebook kernels.

  • The AWS ecosystem offers a broad spectrum of ML services and self-service capabilities, including real-time data analysis, computer vision, image recognition, speech processing, and others. Developers also rely on AWS for ready-made fraud detection tools, recommendation engines, predictive analysis, and a whole lot of other, smart applications.

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