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Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Currently, we are looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer who will be a part of the general-purpose data science team with a focus on recommender systems for natural language content.

In this position, you will often communicate with a customer and consult both technical and non-technical team members regarding questions within your domain of machine learning and data-driven solutions.


  • Understand business needs and restrictions and offer appropriate technical solutions in the domain of data-driven applications, describe qualities and limitations of proposed approaches to non-technical people.
  • Work mainly with numerical and textual data, state data collection and labelling requirements and recommendations.
  • Design and implement rule-based and machine learning solutions, including data preparation; selection, training, validation and optimization of machine learning models; realistic data-grounded evaluation of created solutions.
  • Integrate data preprocessing, model training and inference into general data processing pipelines.
  • Research new tools, papers, etc. in the machine learning area.


  • Strong knowledge and deep understanding of
    1. Main concepts and stages of the modelling process (validation scheme, regularization, overfitting and generalization, data leaks, feature selection, etc.)
    2. Сlassical machine learning (linear models, decision trees, ensembles for classification and regression tasks, clustering and dimensionality reduction)
    3. Recommender systems fundamentals (content-based, collaborative filtering, hybrid, evaluation process)
  • Understanding main problems and concepts of modern Natural Language Processing
  • Hands-on experience with Python scientific and ML-related libraries (scipy, numpy, pandas, scikit-learn, xgboost/lightgbm/catboost, matplotlib/seaborn, PyTorch/TensorFlow, etc.)
  • Good Python programming skills and ability to write code not only in Jupyter Notebooks
  • Basic knowledge and skills of algorithms and data structures, relational databases and SQL
  • Ability and desire to convert raw business requests into strictly formulated machine learning tasks, data gathering (data labelling, if needed) requirements
  • At least 3-year experience in machine learning or data-driven applications development
  • Good spoken and written English (at least B2)

Would be a plus:

  • Experience with Linux-based operating systems, Git and Docker
  • Production experience in developing recommender systems
  • Experience in software engineering, deployment and integration with data delivery systems and other components, building microservices, providing APIs for models access, web scraping
  • Experience with ML stack of Microsoft Azure, AWS or Google Cloud
  • Data visualization and presentation skills
  • Experience in Deep Learning with applications to any data domain
  • Experience in data labelling process setup using third-party or self-made labelling tools
  • Participation in ML competitions (Kaggle, etc), contribution to ML-related public projects
  • Masters, PhD, or equivalent experience in Mathematics, Computer Science or Computational Linguistics.

You will work with smart people who love to solve hard problems, and who not only expect but also foster high performance!

If you fit the description above, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at