Customer feedback analysis using NLP solution

According to Gartner Survey, Customer Experience is the new battlefield for companies trying to win more clients. 89% of companies are expected to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience, versus 36% four years ago. NLP solutions for customer feedback analysis save a lot of time and effort for companies involved in this battle, enabling them to manage their online communities more effectively, develop customer-centric products, and identify the bottlenecks in their customer service. This way, NLP solutions provide companies with a much-needed assist to stay responsive to customers, market opportunities, and trends.

From the case study, you will learn why one of the most successful game developers chose a customized NLP solution to enhance the process of voice of the customer research. You will also find out how InData Labs team applied machine learning to build a natural language processing solution that can understand gamers slang and extract the who, what, where, and why from conversations on gaming forums, providing insights into different aspects of the game.

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