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Social Media API Integration for Influencer Auditing and Rating

Improved influencer search relevancy and more accurate analytical insights.

social media data api integration
Key Details

Improved influencer search relevancy and more accurate analytical insights.

  • Challenge
    Improve influencer search relevancy and get analytical insights
  • Solution
    Social media API integration for analytics insights
  • Technologies and tools
    AI, ML, NLP


The client is a company that collaborates with brands and bloggers. They provide services in content creation, promotion and monetization, channel growth, and copyright protection. The client was looking for an influencer search and analytics tool. They had a platform of their own but were not satisfied with it. The platform had no analytical tools and the influencer search was manual. All of that slowed down the work of the company. So they wanted to make influencer search smooth and be able to get analytical insights on influencers in just a few clicks.

Challenge: improve influencer search relevancy and get analytical insights

Knowing we had experience in natural language processing (NLP), they contacted our data science consultants for a data-driven solution for real-time influencer auditing.

The challenges the client was facing:

1. Lack of Analytical Capabilities

Before sealing the deal with an influencer, the company wants to make sure the influencer is actually influential and can deliver great results.

The following metrics need to be evaluated:

  • influencer performance
  • engagement rate (likes, comments, shares, clicks, views, etc.)
  • audience growth (follower monitoring)
  • audience demographics (location, age, gender, ethnicity, interests, etc.)
  • campaign monitoring and analysis

2. Influencer Search

The client had difficulty in finding relevant content creators among millions of people on popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tiktok. An intelligent search with filtering options could solve that problem.

3. Fake Followers Check

The company had trouble working with influencers with fake followers. They launched a campaign with a creator and the engagement rate was low. For the brand the creator worked with there was neither audience growth nor brand awareness.

So, the client needed to separate valuable creators from the ones who buy followers with the help of low-cost follow/unfollow services. Fake followers check is important, because fake followers are not only of no use but can tarnish the brand’s reputation.

Solution: social media API integration for analytics insights

In the beginning, they wanted to build a solution from scratch so it would address all their business challenges. Our tech team made some research and suggested that the easiest way to do that was our social media API integration into their platform. Having it in place, it’s easy to identify influencers that will deliver excellent results.

Result: API integration for influencer auditing and rating

The InData Labs’ team has successfully solved the client’s problem with its analytics-based solution. We’ve integrated social media data API into their platform enabling fast influencer search and analytics. The API integration addressed all the challenges the client had and helped them gain a competitive edge on the market.

Benefits in a glimpse:

Advanced influencer search with
  • 12M+ analyzes influencers from YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, and Twitch
  • intelligent search with 20+ filters
  • full-text search across creators’ bios
  • suggestions for influencer discovery
Analytics on creators and their campaigns
  • info about the influencer (location, gender, interests, etc)
  • top posts and collaborations with brands
  • engagement rate
  • campaign performance
  • audience insights
  • sentiment analysis
Fake followers check
  • fake followers detection
Post monitoring
  • post search with hashtags, links, and mentions
  • post performance tracking and monitoring (likes per post, views per video, etc)

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