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Building Social Media Analytics Software

Improved user engagement by 91%.

Project devoted to social media analytics
Key Details

Improved user engagement by 91%.

  • Challenge
    Come up with a fair and engaging way of scoring Facebook users
  • Solution
    Sophisticated social media analytics software
  • Technologies and tools
    Java, JavaScript, MongoDB, PostgreSQL


This time InData Labs team cooperated directly with CEO of Skorebee, a Social Media Analytics Platform which aims to evaluate users’ activity on social media and help them improve the popularity of their profiles among their audience.

Challenge: come up with a fair and engaging way of scoring Facebook users

Any application that wants to score or analyze Facebook users’ data in any way has to get users’ permission to do so. In order to get that kind of permission, it was decided to make the platform engaging and helpful for its users so that they would be eager to share the information.

The platform was aiming to help its users improve their Facebook page performance. The project team needed a deep understanding of how people use social media, what sort of content they post and what content turns out to be the most engaging.

Also, the software had to be really stable and scalable from the beginning since there was an exponential growth of the number of users involved as soon as the platform went live.

Solution: sophisticated social media analytics software

InData Labs team started off with creating a scoring model that would effectively evaluate the success of users’ actions taking into account users’ personal information and their actions on social media. Together with the client’s team, they came up with a number of quizzes that would motivate Facebook users to stay on the platform competing with each other and providing more data.

In order to create a scalable system that could process multiple user queries in real-time MongoDB and PostgreSQL databases were integrated.

Apart from a sophisticated scoring model and a stable backend system, it was also very important to come up with a top-notch UI design that would motivate and navigate the users through the quizzes. Looking at the number of registered and active users of the platform, the team has successfully met those challenges

Result: both entertaining and scalable social media analytics platform

A sophisticated social media scoring software was created from scratch along with self-discovery tests and competitions on the platform keeping user engagement high.

The solution is now in production with hundreds of thousands of registered users and growing every day.

InData Labs team is still working on the platform and has grown from three team members to ten, including data engineers, UI and UX specialists, QA, DevOps, and a project manager.

Platform founders have a lot of plans that include starting to support more social media platforms, adding more challenges for existing users, and utilizing machine learning to improve recommendations users get after they take quizzes.

  • Java
  • Social Media
  • Advertising

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