AI technology adoption

The State of Global AI Adoption in 2022

The COVID-19 years have been decisive for the adoption of artificial intelligence among companies. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and tech scions across the globe have come to realize the full potential of automation and AI in combating the COVID-19 fallout and propelling business resilience.

Post-pandemic aftermath has also led to evolving and unpredictable customer behavior. Historical data has been rendered ineffective and companies needed tools to analyze data in real-time. Combined with the growing amount of data, the business landscape has become an uncharted territory that cannot be explored without forecasting tools.

As a result, the adoption rate has skyrocketed at a 20% to 37% increase compared with pre-pandemic.

This report will provide a look into the AI adoption prospects, including:

  • The current AI market state
  • AI adoption by the industry
  • AI adoption statistics: rate by companies
  • AI adoption challenges and concerns
  • Tips on how to find the right AI vendor.

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