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AI report by InData Labs

AI Predictions for 2020 from InData Labs: Expert Opinion and Market Research

If you believe cutting-edge technology may pass your business by, and profound tech-driven changes you hear about a lot are not of personal concern to you, think twice. You are in the midst of the age of the tech revolution. And you can either keep pace with technological development or fall behind competitors.

We’ve created this report in close collaboration with our tech experts to help you figure out why the use of AI is essential for your business and why you can’t skip this technology if you want to succeed.

This report will provide you with actionable insights on:

  • Why AI has become a business necessity and what is trending today
  • What business prospective could be achieved with the use of computer vision, predictive analytics, and natural language processing
  • How AI analytics will influence the future of jobs

No matter what industry you’re in, AI-powered solutions will help you reach a higher level of productivity by giving you ample energy and time for complex tasks that require human intelligence.

Get your free copy now and implement the key findings to streamline your business!

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