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AI & Analytics: Trends and Market Research

AI & Analytics: Trends 2021-2022 and Market Research

A new year brings new technological challenges and business opportunities as well as accelerates the digital transformation in the corporate landscape. Artificial intelligence and analytics stand at the core of all innovations and underpin the digital strategy of global businesses. As forecasted, we’re ending this year with over $93 billion  of the global AI market value.

But what does 2022 hold for artificial intelligence? Will the AI revolution continue to gain momentum?

This report will provide a look into the future of AI technologies, including:

  • Strategic AI predictions and trends for 2022 and beyond
  • The current and projected state of the AI market and its value
  • Business functions that already benefit from AI implementation
  • Industries where AI is making the greatest disruption
  • The business value generated by Artificial Intelligence
  • Costs of AI implementation and main challenges

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