Influencer Discovery and Marketing Analytics API

Enrich your marketing platform or other tools with ML algorithms and our API to get unmatched influencer data from 10M+ social accounts

The More Data You Have, the Better Campaigns You Run

The success of your marketing campaign depends largely on the data, and the lack of it often leads to failure. With more data at your fingertips, you can come up with so much better outcomes.

With the help of the API access to our automated influencer marketing platform, you will find relevant creators on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Twitch, and get highly accurate analytics on their audiences in a matter of seconds.

Use Our API to Enrich Your Existing Influencer Database

Whether you are looking for a YouTube or Instagram superstar, or a rising micro-influencer with just 5000 followers – we are here to help you.

Take social insights that we offer and integrate the data with your existing platform, 3d party app, or proprietary influencer tools.

See more data, find and hire influencers, launch and maintain effective influencer marketing campaigns, and gain valuable results.

Our API provides search, analytics, and monitoring capabilities to deal with 10M+ influencers social accounts on the web. Instagram API, Youtube API, Twitter API, Twitch API and TikTok API are available.

Choose Your Best-Fit Opportunity to Match Your Business Needs

Our engineers harness machine learning algorithms to enable fast search of social media influencers with instant and stats-based analytics & validation of profiles.
  • Influencer Search API
    Use keywords and filters to find influencer
    • Integrate influencer search capabilities into your existing software or enrich your current influencer database with fresh and relevant influencers.
    • Target relevant influencers and their audience by specific keywords, demographics, interests, location, and other advanced filters.

    From $0,02 per search query

  • Influencer Analytics API
    Get precise influencer and audience insights
    • Receive comprehensive audience demographics and precise performance stats on millions of social media influencers.
    • Analyze influencer’s audience reachability with the help of insights based on ML: sentiment analysis of comments, search for similar influencers by content and audience, detection of business accounts.

    From $0,2 per profile analytics

  • Influencer Campaign Monitoring API
    Get influencer profiles on your own terms
    • Automatically find and track posts and videos with specific #hashtags and @mentions in real-time.
    • Support the full life cycle of monitoring.
    • Performance stats and audience insights from Analytics API are at your disposal.

    Upon request

We use the JSON format for input and output. It means you can smoothly integrate our REST API into your product or service. Sandbox for testing purposes is also included.

Fast Access to Raw Influencer Performance Statistics and ML-based Predictions

Rapidly search social media influencers and validate influencers’ profiles based on raw influencer performance statistics and machine learning algorithms.
  • Influencer Profile
    • ML Geography (regions, countries, the US states, cities)
    • ML Interests (fashion, beauty, food, travel, etc.)
    • ML Language or languages
    • ML Gender
    • RAW Contacts (email, phone, other social accounts)
  • Influencer Performance
    • RAW Engagement rate, likes, shares, comments, etc
    • RAW Posting frequency & followers growth per certain period
    • RAW Mentions of #hashtags & @usernames
    • ML Brands mentions
    • RAW Top Influencer-brand сollaborations
  • Audience Insights
    • ML Geography (countries, cities, states, regions)
    • ML Gender and age of followers and audience
    • ML Languages
    • ML Interests (sports, technologies, make-up, etc.)
    • ML Fake followers %
  • Special Insights
    • ML Sentiment analysis of the comments
    • ML Influencers with a lookalike content
    • ML Influencers with similar audience
    • ML Business and personal accounts detection
    • RAW Audience reachability

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Improve your marketing efforts by integrating our API. Ensure every your campaign is a success.

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