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AI Surveillance and Security Monitoring Solutions

Maintain a more secure operational environment with full-blown AI security solutions.

Key Skills

Automate mundane security operations and improve the overall security of your organization with AI technology.
Face Recognition Security

Face Recognition Security: Biometric Access Control

Want to leave behind cards, keys and pins, and secure access to your premises with technology? Implement custom facekey solutions into your organization’s infrastructure to keep a smooth flow of people throughout your building. Face recognition security solutions provide accurate face detection and recognition enabling employee identity verification in a few seconds. Mask detection allows touchless operation and reduces the risk of exposure to the COVID-19.

Pose Estimation

Pose Estimation

Enhance the efficiency of your face recognition video surveillance center with custom pose estimation solutions. Deploy it into your video management infrastructure and detect violent behavior, motion and abnormal activity in real time. Alarms and notifications on any unwanted events will be sent to your security staff and let them respond to it quickly.

Ensuring public safety through AI surveillance solutions, you get utmost security and prevent crime and theft on your premises.

Our Services

Prevent fraud and expense with AI security solutions designed for your specific needs.
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    Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services
    Tell us your business challenge and we’ll provide you with a custom solution that’ll strengthen your business.
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    Security & Surveillance Solutions Development
    Get access to our AI expertise to develop a face recognition video surveillance system or bulletproof building access management software.

Value You Get

Don’t solve security challenges, rather prevent the risks with AI technology.

Why InData Labs?

We take care of your business challenges with state of the art AI solutions.
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    Skilled Team
    A team of 80+ experts will take on your project and create a robust security solution for your organization’s needs.
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    Data Privacy
    We don’t keep your personal data. You process it locally.
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    Quality comes first. We aim to create bespoke software that empowers our clients’ businesses.
Need to develop computer vision software for violence detection?

Customer Success

project management system
Face Recognition Time Attendance System

COVID-19 cases among employees have shrunk by 46%.

The client is a health center located in the USA. They needed touchless software to keep track of staff hours during the COVID-19 times. InData Labs has aided the client with a bespoke face recognition video surveillance solution.

Key benefits:

  • clock in/out entry time entry
  • hands-free access management
  • face mask detection feature included
app optimization
Face Recognition SDK for Surveillance System

Decrease in robbery and burglary (-73%)

The client is a treasure gallery. They needed a trusted face recognition vendor to develop a secure IT digital solution for surveillance measures.

As a result, the InData Labs team has created an AI-based security solution for smooth employee access control and real-time art theft and smuggling detection.

Facial Recognition for a Retail Store
Facial Recognition for a Retail Store

Reducing shoplifting losses by 60%.

The client is a chain store. They were looking for a tech solution to spot and deter shoplifters in their retail chain. They asked the InData Labs’ team to develop a facial recognition module to integrate into their surveillance system.

The facial recognition-powered video analytics solution has enabled the client to identify common suspicious behavior, spot unwanted persons and if there’s a match, notify the security team.

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