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Intelligent Face Recognition SDK Beta

A face recognition SDK represents a set of cutting-edge face recognition libraries that are wrapped into API and can be integrated into your infrastructure. It allows real-time, fast and accurate face detection, face recognition and face tracking.

Identification of a girl's face

Key features:

  • Face detection and complex facial landmarks detection (eyes, nose, lips, cheeks, etc.) in images and video streams, for individuals and groups of people.
  • Face detection and verification of multiple faces in 0.03-0.6 seconds.
  • Face detection at multiple stages.
  • Face recognition technology resistant to harsh lighting conditions and occlusions, allowing accurate recognition of single and multiple faces.
  • Face comparing up to 30,000 faces a second.
  • Face tracking of multiple head positions (smooth head position tracking in real time).
  • Emotion recognition (classify and analyze facial expressions).
High Identification Accuracy

High Identification Accuracy

  • 1:1 and 1:N face matching
  • Face size: 112 px
  • Face rotation: up to 45⁰
  • Face occlusion – 35%
  • Number of cameras – multiple (more cameras = more computing power)
  • Interpupillary distance: >25 px
  • False acceptance rate < 0.0001%
  • Configurable score thresholds

Demonstration of InData Labs FaceSDK Capabilities

How It Benefits Your Business

Unlock access to superior technology powered by Machine Learning and Computer Vision.
  • Verification

    Biometric samples to establish similarity between faces.
  • Face Recognition

    Facial Attributes Support

    Detection of eyes, nose, and lips.
  • Biometric Data Extraction

    Data extraction and storage in a binary format.
  • IP Camera Support

    Сompatible with any camera.
  • Accurate and Fast Face Detection SDK

    Detection and recognition of faces in photos and videos.
  • Cross-Camera Identification

    Face tracking across multiple cameras providing the best quality services.

Why Our Face Recognition SDK?

Need a solution to enhance your computer vision system? Look no further. Enable cloud or edge face detection, matching and tracking in a few clicks with our SDK.
  • Easy Integration

    Face recognition in a few lines of code.
  • Security

    We don’t share your data. Your data is processed locally.
  • Multi Cameras

    Unpack stable multi-camera face detection, identification and tracking.
  • Multi Devices

    Incorporate robust face recognition technology into mobile, edge devices, and drones.
Improve your existing face identification app with our SDK

Tailoring Our Solution to Your Needs

Whether you need custom video surveillance analytics or an autonomous drone security solution, customer loyalty analysis or contactless biometrics against the coronavirus, we can provide it for you.

Let our AI facial detection system help you ensure security and provide better services.

Detection and Recognition at a Distance

Detect a person or a group of people over a wide area.

Use our face detection SDK to capture faces in low-resolution images and videos.

Partially Covered Face Detection for Identification

Detect and identify people wearing masks, glasses, headscarves, beards, and mustaches in real time for security purposes.

Detect hair color and hairstyles, and identify whether a person is wearing makeup or not.

Detection from Multi-Angles

Efficiently detect and track faces regardless of human face tilt and rotation.

Increase the detection rate of your local system with our superior technology.

Gender Classification and Age Group Evaluation

Empower your security app or attendance system with automated gender detection and age-group estimation in images and videos.

Use gender and age data to better target your audience and achieve greater business results.

Cutting-Edge Sentiment Analysis

Detect human emotions (happy, angry, sad, surprised, scared, disgusted, confused, etc.).

Use emotion recognition to evaluate customer satisfaction, track applicants’ emotions in job interviews, test game releases and more.

Facial Recognition Technology for Drunk/Sober Person Identification

Prevent traffic accidents with face recognition and pose estimation of alcohol-impaired drivers.

Detect drunk people at the bar entrance using pose estimation coupled with face recognition.

Facial Recognition to Fight COVID-19

Develop a contactless solution for identity verification at airports, stations, and other crowded places.

Use the technology to detect those who self-quarantine in real time.

Liveness Detection to Mitigate Hacks

Protect sensitive data and prevent fraud by identifying screenshots, paper images, and 3D fake masks.

Secure your system with an effective anti-spoofing solution.

Recognize People and Greet Them by the Name

Deliver VIP customer service to your clients by greeting them and offering personalized services.

Recognize your employees at the entrance and greet them by name.

Need another facial recognition solution?
Camera that recognizes plenty of people at once

Recognize Plenty of People in No Time

Integrate InData Labs FaceSDK into your app or system for fast and precise face detection and verification.
How Our Clients Use Our Product
Customer VIP services with facial recognition technology
Customer VIP Service with Face Recognition SDK

The client is a high-end restaurant based in London.

They wanted to increase customer lifetime value by giving them the best service.
To achieve this, they needed to integrate facial detection SDK into their local CV-based system. The solution helps the client recognize VIP customers as they arrive at the restaurant.

It matches the customers with a loyalty program and greets them by name. The system can also send alerts to staff to provide the customers with some refreshments.

Face recognition system detects people at the enterance
Person Verification at the Entrance

The client is a US-based electronics company.

They needed to set up a person-of-interest recognition and alert system in their office. The main goal was to enforce security by recognizing and allowing only authorized employees into the office premises. The system detects a person, matches it with the personnel database, and decides whether to let them in or not.

People going through biometric surveillance system
Biometric Surveillance for Enhanced Analytics

The client is a private company.

They wanted to upgrade their security system with robust video analytics.
The main task was to detect people from the watchlist and alert the staff immediately.
As a result, the InData Labs team has improved their security system by integrating 2D and 3D face recognition technology into it.

People talking to a medical personnel
Patient Identification at Hospitals

The client is a UK-based hospital. They asked us to streamline the patient check-in process by integrating our SDK into their system. They wanted to recognize patients as they arrive at the hospital.

Our solution has enabled patient identification with no physical ID required.

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