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InData Labs ranks #2 on Techreviewer top healthcare app developers list

11 November 2021
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Over the last few years, we’ve seen healthcare transforming in front of our eyes. The COVID-19 has sped up the adoption of technology in healthcare organizations and clinical diagnostic laboratories. Today, the healthcare sector needs tech solutions emphasizing disease outbreak prediction, hospital admission, preventive measures, mental health initiatives, remote care, etc.

To meet the surge, healthcare organizations turn to healthcare app development companies. Tech healthcare vendors analyze the needs of modern healthcare and develop custom solutions to address the challenges.

InData Labs comes second on the top healthcare developers list by Techreviewer. Over the years, the company has been developing various solutions for healthcare, with a focus on diagnosis, chronic disease prevention, paperwork automation, COVID-free solutions, drug development and analytics, cell image capture and analysis, etc. InData Labs mission is to help hospitals and clinics assist personnel, enhance patient outcomes, and build a coordinated response to the pandemic.


About InData Labs

InData Labs is a leading data science and AI company. The company develops innovative solutions for healthcare and pharma industries, focusing on:

  • OCR & data capture for business process automation
  • Automated image capture for cell imaging
  • predictive analytics for diagnosis and anomaly detection
  • pose estimation for physical therapy
  • computer vision for medical image analysis
  • face recognition for COVID-free hospital check-in/check-outs
  • artificial intelligence for drug development
  • big data for data extraction, storing, and analysis

About Techreviewer

Techreviewer is a world-known analytics hub that searches, verifies and publishes top technology companies.

We’re thankful to Techreviewer for recognizing our contribution in the healthcare sector to digital transformation. We’ll keep on transforming healthcare with AI and Big Data.

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