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InData Labs in top 100 data science blogs and websites by Feedspot

7 December 2021
top data science blogs and sites

There are many valuable data science resources and websites, and sometimes it’s overwhelming to know where to start. This year, Feedspot has made a great list of the top data science blogs and websites to choose from. InData Labs ranks #23 (blog) and #24 (website) in there.

Over the years, we’ve been contributing to our data science blog, covering a wide range of topics from data science developments, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, computer vision, natural language processing, etc. to give businesses key insights on how top-notch technologies can support companies in dealing with challenges faced and ensure growth in rapidly changing times. We’ve been sharing our expert opinion on the tech disruptions and trends. It’s a milestone for us to be listed in the top 100 data science blogs today.

Top data science blogs

About InData Labs

InData Labs is a data science firm that helps businesses better understand and get value from their data. InData Labs works with companies from a variety of sectors, including healthcare and pharma, sports, retail and E-commerce, Fintech, gaming and entertainment, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, etc. It helps their clients make their businesses data-driven.

About Feedspot

Feedspot is a company that lists top blogs, podcasts, websites, and other content in one database. They prepare various news articles and share related content across communities.

We’d like to thank Feedspot for valuing our work and our data science and AI blog development. We’ll keep up the good work.

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