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Top 20 AI chatbots for business in 2024

27 February 2024
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Chatbots and artificial intelligence in business are the two concepts that claim to become technologies of recent years. Top AI chatbots made society forget about the virtual reality spaces that just recently excited the imagination and gave almost everyone incredible opportunities for self-development, and financial and creative realization.

It is not surprising that these high-tech tools are rapidly developing and penetrating new areas of science, economics, and everyday life. Today, chatbots are actively used by billions of people, and a growing number of service companies are using this useful tool to boost their customer service. This article is devoted to the most promising type of this technology – chatbots based on artificial intelligence.

What is an AI chatbot?

AI chatbot meaning

An artificial intelligence chatbot is created based on Conversational AI technology. This term includes not only smart chatbots but also voice assistants such as Siri from Apple or Cortana from Microsoft.

Conversational AI tools use data, machine learning, and natural language processing to recognize voice and text inputs, as well as imitate human interaction and independently find answers during the dialogue process. The AI algorithm can also learn from user interactions, improving the accuracy of answers to similar questions.

The 20 best AI chatbots in 2024

There are many AI chatbot platforms on the market for businesses of all sizes, and any business looking to scale up its processes should consider leveraging the value of chatbots.

1. Aurora Borea by InData Labs

In 2023, InData Labs AI company presented its proprietary AI chatbot. Aurora Borea is one of the best AI chatbots of 2024 which automates customer query resolving with the highest accuracy. This intelligent virtual assistant was initially developed to provide instant customer support for InData Labs’ website but now it is picking up steam in businesses around the globe.

It provides personalized experiences to clients with prompt answers specific to the user’s request. Aurora Borea analyzes a business’s proprietary knowledge base and provides tailored responses to its clients. The chatbot is also known for its possibility to quickly transfer data to the sales team in different formats.

Aurora Borea’s specifics:

  • It is equipped with text and voice recognition algorithms to enable audio communication and a more natural customer experience
  • The chatbot supports easy integration with CRM
  • The solution has multi-language support to serve clients from any country
  • Aurora Borea is built on the GPT-4 model and pre-trained on proprietary data of InData Labs.

2. Microsoft Bing AI

In February 2023, Microsoft presented its updated browser with an integrated chatbot Bing. It is an impressive example of how AI neural network algorithms are changing our experience with search engines. Bing is built on GPT-4 by OpenAI, a close partner of Microsoft’s.

After its recent update, Bing AI has learned to save chat history and has increased message volume up to 4000 symbols. The search for relevant information in Bing is a custom “Prometheus” AI model that provides users with the latest and most relevant data.

Bing’s specifics:

  • It’s a free ChatGPT-4 based AI chatbot
  • Bing updates its database daily, ensuring the relevance of information
  • It provides clickable links to source sites under the window with a response, which further confirms the validity of the information
  • Bing chatbot displays support query options to help gain more in-depth knowledge on the topic.

3. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is designed to generate text answers to your questions. ChatGPT-4 also allows for image answers to queries. It stores previous dialogues with the user and can generate outputs based on that dialogue history, too. It can identify patterns in the text, highlight its gist, and help work with many other tasks.

For instance, most ChatGPT use cases are in customer support and marketing, in particular. Marketers utilize it to create slogans and newsletter ideas, generating headlines and texts for advertisements. Businesses store information about their services or products, and ChatGPT consults customers about any details asked.


Source: Unsplash

ChatGPT specifics:

  • ChatGPT can be configured to account for certain parameters or keywords, which can improve the accuracy of response generation
  • It stores dialogue history to generate more personalized outputs
  • It has a free version, but the latest GPT-4 is available for Plus users for 20$ per month.

4. Google Bard

In July 2023, Google’s Bard AI received a palpable boost with 46 supported languages, text voiceover, image input, and the ability to arrange chats with the chatbot by certain parameters. However, Bard AI is still in its beta version, which allows for intermittent inaccuracies in outputs.

Bard AI’s specifics:

  • The user can consider similar queries below the output to get other details on the topic
  • Bard AI has direct access to the internet, enabling it to retrieve real-time information and stay updated on the latest developments
  • It provides links to some of its answers to confirm the provided information
  • The user can change the given answer by making it shorter, longer, less sophisticated, more or less formal.

5. WP-Chatbot

WP-Chatbot is the most widespread chatbot for the WordPress ecosystem, giving tens of thousands of websites live chat and Web chat capabilities. It is the simplest way to add Facebook Messenger chat to a WordPress site. To maximize business value, one can add a Facebook bot and set up the chatbot to answer.

FAQs, generate and qualify leads, make appointments, track shipments, and many other tasks.

WP-Chatbot’s specifics:

  • Whether people message from the website chat, Facebook page, or other entry point, the unified inbox contains all the conversations
  • Chat history remains in Messenger regardless of time and connected device
  • The WordPress plugin has an easy one-click install
  • The ability to set up an automatic custom greeting when people text you from your WordPress website chat.

6. YouChat

YouChat is a fully featured conversational AI software designed to serve startups, SMEs, and enterprises. As a helpful tool for businesses, it possesses many beneficial features. The chatbot can analyze the sentiment of user conversations, which can help improve customer service and tailor marketing campaigns more effectively. Its intent recognition and entity extraction features help businesses provide more relevant responses, personalize customer experiences, and send targeted marketing messages.

YouChat’s specifics:

  • It seamlessly handles different conversational styles to help reach more customers
  • Powered by Google Search, the YouChat AI chatbot has access to a vast knowledge base and can access and process information in real time, providing up-to-date responses
  • The chatbot cites its sources to increase the credibility of outputs.


Source: Unsplash

7. Zendesk

Zendesk is a powerful customer experience software intended to enhance customer service and foster better customer relationships. It is fast to set up and comes pre-trained on real-world industry-specific customer service interactions, which cuts down time and money for manual setup. In addition, enabling Zendesk Messaging on the account will give access to a much more customizable experience.

Zendesk’s specifics:

  • It helps perform seamless handoffs from bots to human agents
  • It comes as a part of the comprehensive customer experience platform, which in combination with the answer bot will magnify the ultimate value of the business
  • Zendesk chatbots seamlessly integrate with Zendesk’s help desk software, providing a unified customer service experience across multiple channels.

8. Jasper Chat

Jasper is the AI platform that helps businesses scale up marketing content. It is included in all plans starting at just $39 per month and tailors its generic language to business use cases like marketing, sales, and more. Jasper has been successfully utilized by over 100,000 business users and keeps gaining momentum on the market.

Jasper Chat’s specifics:

  • The chatbot follows along a storyline and references information a user or Jasper has said previously in the chat
  • Jasper uses a proprietary AI engine that offers access to the best large language models available, including OpenAI’s GPT-3 & GPT-4, Anthropic, Google’s PaLM 2, and more
    It supports 29 languages.

9. Alexa for business

Alexa for Business is designed for enterprise-wide deployment to increase the productivity of employees and streamline workflows. It takes existing data about skills, devices, and user accounts in the organization and uses this information to respond to specific requests. For instance, it can book a meeting room or start the meeting, using your location and calendar data. Alexa can also be used as a personal assistant that lets users check their calendars, manage to-do lists, and set reminders.


Source: Unsplash

Alexa’s specifics:

  • It offers a marketplace of pre-built skills and allows businesses to create custom skills tailored to their specific workflows
  • It incorporates voice authentication and security features to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access
  • It integrates with third-party applications, including CRMs, ERPs, and productivity tools.

10. Drift

Drift is the AI chatbot pioneer that was built in 2015 and currently serves over 50,000 customers globally, including industry giants like Shopify, Adobe, MongoDB, and Okta. Recognized for boosting a more human buying experience, it has proven to help increase conversion rates by up to 10 times.

This marketing chatbot application is added to the website to prompt its visitors to ask questions. If no operators are available, the Drift chatbot can have a scripted conversation with leads and direct them to make an easy appointment with one of the customer service representatives.

Drift’s specifics:

  • It is integrated into personalized email campaigns to subscribers through the sales cycle to enhance conversion rates
  • It offers integration with various communication channels, including websites, social media, and messaging apps, providing a unified customer experience across all touchpoints.

11. Uniphore

Uniphore has excelled as a platform that automates the workflow of contact centers. It encompasses numerous features to help boost staff productivity – guide sellers with real-time conversation intelligence insights, computer vision for capturing emotions, conversation analytics, sales EQ, and others. The platform and the chatbot integrated into it leverage conversational intelligence to boost sales and sales interactions.

Uniphore’s specifics:

  • The bot is part of the comprehensive sales platform enabling its users to utilize the full set of possibilities
  • It is a solution with visual interactive voice responses, which helps improve call diversion and call deflection rates significantly.

12. ManyChat

ManyChat is considered one of the best chatbot apps, being a separate ecosystem for communication with customers. While most chatbots work on sites, ManyChat is integrated directly into social networks. Besides answering FAQs, the bot can help a client make an order or a purchase without digging the website.

In addition, all of the service data can be integrated into the Google Sheet or CRM system to facilitate the analysis process. The platform allows businesses to create conversation scripts and offer clients different dialogue branches. Using tagging, the audience can also be divided into groups for personalized newsletters.

ManyChat’s specifics:

  • Any user assigned to a particular group can be tagged to facilitate monitoring the behavior of each specific user
  • ManyChat automatically pulls a user’s Facebook profile information and uses it when addressing them or sending the newsletter.

13. Kore AI

Kore AI provides employees with conversational virtual assistants that optimize their specific tasks and increase overall productivity. Such personalized AI support frees up employees from wasting time and effort on tedious activities and switches them to more important tasks. The data comes pre-trained for particular departments to facilitate training and get the most accurate results.

Kore AI’s specifics:

  • It supports over 100 languages
  • Seamless integration with IT and HR management systems
  • Kore AI has a collaborative workspace to improve team performance.


Source: Unsplash

14. Intercom

Intercom is another great conversational AI chatbot that helps leverage AI in service and bring palpable value to your business. Agents can delegate up to 50% of their conversational work with customers to Intercom and have queries handled promptly and accurately. The chatbot can be quickly activated with no training, no configuration, or no new bot paths. One can also enrich Fin with custom answers to important questions.

Intercom’s specifics:

  • It enables businesses to build automation for customers and teammates with no-code building blocks
  • The chatbot supports 43 languages
  • It can be integrated with over 400 pre-built apps in the Intercom app store.

15. Rytr

Rytr is one of the best AI chatbot platforms for writers and content creators looking to streamline their workflow. Its basic plan features include over 40 use cases, over 20 writing tones, and a built-in plagiarism checker. It won’t be that helpful for writing entire articles but Rytr is a true leg-up for refining texts, providing structure for larger projects, and streamlining the writing process.

Rytr’s specifics:

  • Rytr supports more than 30 languages
  • Its use cases range from marketing-specific text (AIDA and PAS copywriting) to more creative ones (song lyrics, story plots, and more)
  • It has the option to create up to 3 variants at a time for any given prompt.

16. ChatSonic

ChatSonic is a revolutionary chat platform aimed at advancing content creation. With 5 billion users worldwide, it has proven to bring huge value to content writers and optimize their workflows. Additionally, this chatbot is connected to Google search which helps to come up with the most relevant real-time content. ChatSonic offers a free trial for 10,000 words, while its most affordable plan Long-Form offers up to 47,500 words for $12.67 per month.

Chatsonic’s specifics:

  • It’s got over 1,000 expert and community-vetted prompts for various aims
  • The chatbot is equipped with an AI image-generation feature
  • It can be utilized as a Chrome extension or a mobile app.

17. Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat is a free AI chatbot for websites with paid plans starting from $29 per month. It combines emails, Facebook Messenger messages, and web chat widgets into a single interface. Tidio allows simultaneous processing of client messages with one tool, no matter where they come from.

It is a helpdesk solution that automatically answers up to 70% of customer questions and uses its pre-made strategies to solve problems and increase sales. One of the best tools for converting website traffic into loyal customers, Tidio offers numerous features to gain more data about clients and encourage their further actions.


Source: Unsplash

Tidio Chat’s specifics:

  • It adds tags and other properties to visitors and sends valuable information to the CRM
  • The possibility to create the chatbot to your needs using prebuilt templates and a drag-and-drop visual editor
  • The presence of live chat on the browser, desktop, or mobile.

18. Botsify

This drag-and-drop AI chatbot has proven to assist businesses in several processes. It comes as an all-in-one platform that can assist sales, marketing, and customer service departments by replacing humans in conversations with customers and making the sales process no less friendly. The chatbot is known for its quality proactive messages and prompts to turn visitors into paying customers.

Botsify’s specifics:

  • Multilingual chatbot to consult customers in over 100 languages
  • Integration with 3rd party platforms
  • Lead generation with customized conversational forms
  • The possibility of embedding the chatbot across different social networks.

19. Landbot

Landbot is one of the best AI chatbot software generators for conversational experiences. It aims to boost the performance of marketing, sales, and customer service teams by automating conversations across the customer journey. The chatbot has proven to bring a threefold increase in lead generation and a tenfold increase in booking appointments. Landbot provides an omnichannel experience with the possibility to integrate it into WhatsApp, the web, Facebook Messenger, or connect through API.

Landbot’s specifics:

  • It has numerous customizable templates and prompts for attracting potential customers, product recommendations
  • Landbot is powered by GPT-3
  • Integrations with rich media are easy
  • The possibility to customize the dialog by utilizing keywords as jump triggers to direct people along the most appropriate conversation path.

20. Giosg

Giosg is another excellent AI conversational tool aimed at converting more traffic to generate leads. It has proven to be 4 times more effective than any static form of lead generation, and it is being used by over 1,200 companies.

Giosg interacts with the most valuable leads through online marketing, sales, and support solutions. The platform also offers a live chat program that makes it easy to create and manage a knowledge base of answers. For example, it can use your client data and past interactions to add new phrases.

Giosg’s specifics:

  • It provides detailed visual reports
  • Giosg supports integration with CRM and marketing automation software
  • The tool supports AI images, videos, GIFs, and emoticons.

Stats on AI chatbot implementation in business in 2024

As for the general numbers in AI and AI chatbot implementation, the world is observing a constant growth in its significance. According to Grand View Research, the global chatbot market is projected to reach a staggering $32.6 billion by 2024, up from $18.88 billion in 2023. That’s a remarkable 73% year-over-year growth, showcasing the rapid adoption of this technology.

The companies are taking advantage of the ground-breaking AI technology and over 60% of business leaders are assured the implementation of AI will foster instant growth and over 60% of businesses have already invested in AI automation tools and reaped the benefits. What is more, 84% of businesses believe AI chatbots will be increasingly important in customer communication.

The technology seems the most promising in industries related to providing services to customers. The reason is that people worldwide are willing to have artificial intelligence chatbots and virtual assistants help them provide quality services. For instance, 44 percent of respondents would appreciate the help of chatbots in finding product information before the purchase and 68% of consumers prefer chatbots because they provide quick answers.

Here’s the picture of AI chatbot adoption across industries:

Chatbot statistics

Top 5 business benefits of artificial intelligence chatbots

Chatbots provide businesses with a tangible edge thanks to advancements in numerous areas. This is proven by numerous research done recently:

Let’s consider the most significant benefits of AI chatbot implementation poses:

Round-the-clock availability

The demands of modern customers are constantly growing – they expect from businesses 24/7 availability to handle their queries. Adopting an artificial intelligence chatbot is one of the ways to allow clients to contact you at their convenience and improve your customer experience.

Even if your agents aren’t available at the moment, and the chatbot can’t handle a query on its own, there is a solution. For example, it can collect preliminary information about the client’s problem or inform the client that their request was accepted and the operator will contact it soon.

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Prompt support

The speed of response is critical at the first contact with a potential client. If they try to contact you but don’t receive a response soon, they will likely contact your competitor. The faster you answer – the better chance you have of getting a client.

Here, AI live chatbots have a competitive edge over human agents, as they respond instantly and can support numerous dialogues simultaneously. According to Juniper Research, chatbots can reduce the average response time by 4 minutes, resulting in companies saving up to $0,7 per interaction.

Fast query processing

Source: Unsplash

 Lead generation

Chatbots can also bring huge benefits in terms of converting leads. It is an effective tool for interaction with the audience through which you can increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, and encourage them to make a purchase or an order. To be more exact, an AI-powered chatbot can:

  • Welcome a visitor to your site, initiate communication with them, and attract potential customers;
  • Collect data analytics about visitors more easily and in a less intrusive way;
  • Send messages under certain conditions targeting a specific audience and increasing your chances of getting the lead.

Reduced expenses

The main advantage of chatbots is automation, which can help your company reduce and optimize costs. This will speed up the resolution of customers’ questions, increase employee productivity, and thereby cut down expenditure.

In addition, chatbots’ 24/7 availability is another good argument for their profitability. To provide round-the-clock service, companies need to hire a sufficient number of operators, which implies significant salary, insurance, and annual leave costs.

Team productivity

There are many mundane tasks to be performed by any support team. Although each client is unique, they often ask the same questions and face similar problems. Their requests can be very simple, but in total, they can take a lot of time and effort.

Chatbot implementation

How to choose an AI chatbot vendor?

With such a diversity of AI chatbots on the market and many providers striving to build better ones, it becomes increasingly complicated to stop at one. Here comes the question – what criteria and factors should one consider to select the most-suited and trustworthy partner for their automation? Let us dwell on the most important factors when choosing an AI chatbot vendor:

  1. Portfolio

    Regardless of domain, a company’s portfolio always comes as one of the first requirements. In the case of chatbots, we shouldn’t seek a provider’s experience in chatbot creation and implementation only. Their overall experience in relevant domains is no less weighty. Check out their works on artificial intelligence, machine learning, or natural language processing technologies. Find out what industries they are most experienced in. All of that will help you understand if the service providers can offer what you are looking for.

    Hiring AI developers

    Source: Unsplash

  2. Price

    We observe a number of both free and paid chatbots, each of them with a particular set of features. However, it is not always sensible to save expenses by deploying a free or cheap solution. Definitely, there are great free and not-free AI chatbots on the market but think twice if you are going to benefit from them. If a chatbot is built right and customized, your savings will exceed your expectations.

    The same thing concerns some of the most expensive chatbots. If you pay huge sums of money and feel that you are paying for the best solution ever – you are wrong.


  3. Personalization

    There may be a hundred off-the-shelf solutions but none of them will suit your needs and requirements. Of course, the original product will come with pre-built features and capabilities. Yet, you should seek those providers who can refine their products in line with your requirements and make the product suited for your business.

To draw the line

The landscape of chatbots and AI software development for business reflects a remarkable evolution with their widespread usage worldwide and a growing demand for flexible chatbots. Their rising significance is proven by the number of AI chatbot adoptions and staggering forecasts of the market’s growth.

As we can see by the top AI chatbots and AI chatbot companies listed, businesses have access to a diverse array of advanced conversational AI agents, each offering unique capabilities and substantial value for businesses. With high demand and top-quality solutions remaining in society, the field of artificial intelligence chatbots will keep revolutionizing how businesses interact with customers, optimize internal processes, and adapt to the changing landscape of customer expectations.


  • Nowadays, the market is teeming with AI chatbots that ramp up businesses and assist them in gaining loyal clients. Some of the most leading-edge AI chatbots, like Aurora Borea, utilize cutting-edge NLP and ML algorithms to provide advanced conversational abilities, personalized interactions, and seamless integration with business systems.

  • State-of-the-art chatbot platforms are utilizing the latest technologies and language learning models, which enables them to interpret and respond to users in the most human-like way. Such chatbots are adopted across all industries to automate customer support, streamline workflows, and boost user experiences.

  • Today, generative and Conversational AI are taking off gaining a bigger popularity and usage across the globe. Engineers integrate complex machine learning models and deep learning algorithms to power a range of AI applications. Leveraged in various fields, they help clients resolve their issues quickly, streamline business-client interactions, and enhance performance within companies.

  • The top list above shows the highest-quality AI chatbots with the best-performing ones at the top of the list. Aurora Borea by InData Labs is among the smartest AI chatbots available for interactive communication. Its advanced capabilities enable natural and context-aware conversations, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking intelligent and intuitive AI chatbot solutions.

  • Companies that adopt AI chatbot capabilities in their workflow can reap a bunch of benefits. Among them – enhanced user engagement and more loyal customers, increased work productivity, 24/7 client support, data-driven insights, and increased operational efficiency. AI chatbots also enable companies to scale their customer support and automate tedious tasks, which results in cost savings and higher conversion rates.

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