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Marat Karpeko on revolutionary power of AI to Mirror Review

13 November 2023
Marat Karpeko in Mirror Review-s

AI, including the emerging field of Generative AI, holds immense prominence in today’s business landscape due to its transformative potential and the myriad of possibilities it opens up for businesses.

Statista research demonstrates that around 30% of European companies currently use AI, and an additional 40% are exploring AI. The numbers are anticipated to grow as AI implementation has proven to increase operational performance, eliminate cost inefficiencies, and automate repetitive tasks, leading to a 40% reduction in time spent on mundane activities. This and other outstanding growth statistics highlight the enduring importance of the AI market today. They additionally underline its indispensability for businesses’ performance and service quality improvements.

The other day, Marat Karpeko, a Co-Founder and the Chairman of the Board at InData Labs, was interviewed by Mirror Review where he dwelt on AI’s current and future trends, pitfalls in AI development, and InData Labs’ tech contribution to different industries with a number of AI-based technologies.

Marat expanded on what technologies InData Labs has deep expertise in and proved it with some of the client stories. He has listed industries that benefit from AI adoption most and how InData Labs assists each of them in digitizing.

In addition, Marat touched upon the challenges he faces as the company’s Chairman and what priorities he sets for nurturing a healthy and high-performing environment within InData Labs. He has also mentioned the challenges companies experience upon AI implementation and gave some tips on how to evade and mitigate them. All issues can be solved if they are well-conceived and done right.

AI goals

Finally, Marat has touched upon AI trends that are gaining momentum and highlighted InData Labs’ focus on deepening their expertise in these directions. It’s worth mentioning how Marat pointed out the potential of AI in retaining environmental sustainability in today’s turbulent times and gave some advice on how to achieve it with sustainable AI-driven solutions. You can read the full interview here.

About InData Labs

InData Labs, a premier provider of Artificial Intelligence and data science solutions, is dedicated to providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions to intricate issues. Established in 2014 by a team of highly skilled Data Scientists, Engineers, and Analysts, the company has been acknowledged worldwide for delivering top-quality Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning projects and helping clients break new ground with high-end technologies.

About Mirror Review

Mirror Review is a publisher of CEO stories, leadership magazines, tech-related news, and blogs. They conduct interviews with the companies’ CEOs and unwind the stories behind the success of ventures and entrepreneurs around the globe.

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