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  • InData Labs Joins Big Data Value Association
    Partnership for Big Data driven economy in Europe

    InData Labs joins Big Data Value Association (BDVA) to contribute to the development of a Big Data driven economy in Europe. BDVA is a public private partnership created to strengthen competitiveness and ensure industrial leadership of providers and end users of Big Data in Europe, which includes healthcare, energy, transport, telecom, and manufacturing. The Big…

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  • Top 5 Advanced Analytics Trends in 2016
    Advanced Analytics Trends

    As any other area with growing popularity – Advanced Data Analytics is undergoing a number of certain changes and developments. In this article we combined the Advanced Analytics Trends that we find to be the most defining and shaping for the industry in its current state. 1. Increase in adoption of advanced analytics According to…

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  • Advance Your Business with Advanced Analytics
    advance your business with advanced analytics

    Organizations know there is value in advanced analytics, but struggle with understanding where and when they should use it. Let’s take a look at different analytics capabilities and examples of their application.

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  • Customer Intelligence is a Key to Customer Success
    Customer Intelligence

    The modern customer-centric business world is no longer about simply understanding your customer – it is about being able to predict customer actions before they occur, and Customer Intelligence is here to help with this overwhelming challenge. A wide variety of customer data available can be used to improve your customer engagement strategy and act…

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