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  • Customer Success Story: AI in Mobile App
    artificial intelligence in mobile

    Mobile technologies have already transformed the way we live, work, shop, travel and relax. A lot of fundamental areas have been affected by the mobile revolution, but the industry is still growing and expanding. One of the emerging trends in mobile in 2016 is appearing of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile apps. When thinking about artificial intelligence…

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  • Meet us at Europe’s leading startup event – Slush 2016
    Meet InData Labs team at Europe’s leading startup event - Slush 2016

    We are excited to announce that we are going to Europe’s leading startup event – SLUSH 2016.
    Our Data Scientists predict zero chance of the sun in Helsinki, while chances to meet the greatest startups, top-tier international investors and executives are higher than ever. That is why we are heading to one of the world’s most Northern capitals at the darkest time of the year.

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  • Effective Customer Churn Analysis & Prediction
    churn analysis

    Customer churn is a measurement that shows how many clients discontinued a service, an application or stopped buying a product during a certain period of time. Churn prediction is one of the most popular applications of machine learning and data science in business. Although at first, churn analysis was essential for telecoms, now it is…

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  • Approaching the Cold Start Problem in Recommender Systems
    cold start problem in recommender systems

    We’ve already talked about machine learning application in Recommender Systems in one of our previous articles. Now we would like to concentrate on the problems Recommender Systems have to overcome in mobile applications, e-commerce platforms, search engines, and other platforms that face the cold start issues. The number of people who leverage recommendations powered by…

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