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  • Data Science Competition 2017
    data science competition

    InData Labs welcomes all the participants of the Data Science Competition! Take the challenge, show you have the fire and join our R&D Data Science Lab!

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  • A Short Guide to Neural Networks. How to Master Them and Become Famous.

    I am pretty sure you have heard that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is involved into creation of very interesting things nowadays. It helps to fight cancer, create artwork and disrupt the world economy. From the finance perspective, AI is on the hype as well. Investors are actively looking for AI projects, news about startups acquired by enterprises appear every day.

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  • Customer Success Story: AI in Mobile App
    artificial intelligence in mobile

    Mobile technologies have already transformed the way we live, work, shop, travel and relax. A lot of fundamental areas have been affected by the mobile revolution, but the industry is still growing and expanding. One of the emerging trends in mobile in 2016 is appearing of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile apps. When thinking about artificial intelligence…

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