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ICON Outlook: InData Labs in top 20 data analytics providers 2022

25 January 2023
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Data is a precious resource in today’s world and comes with great efficiency across a variety of realms, be it medicine, business, science, and beyond. It helps to analyze, predict, make efficient decisions, prevent fraud, enhance sales, etc.

InData Labs, for more than eight years, has been in business, providing data-driven solutions that help companies break new ground by leveraging the benefits of data.

Recently, InData Labs has made it to the top 20 data analytics solution providers 2022. On this occasion, the company presented by the founder Marat Karpeko, was featured in ICON Outlook’s single-page article dedicated to the company’s work and vision.

The article spares a word about the company starting from the story of its creation through the role of AI and Big data in business today, to the plans for future. It describes what makes synergy between AI and Big data and why these top notch technologies have become one of the key growth factors for business in a rapidly changing business environment.

Though AI and Big data aren’t untried phenomena, and their benefits are known, enterprises are still slacking in transferring operations to artificial intelligence for several reasons, among which there are stereotypes about AI’s high costs and complicated nature of the work as well as other stigmas.

But, as noted, InData Lab’s work challenges myths and brings positive changeovers to an enterprise by developing robust AI solutions that give competitive edge and scale up their performance.

Concerning the future, InData Labs intends to build on its success in helping businesses reach the next level through the uptake of savvy technologies and, simultaneously, strengthen its position in the AI and Big data market. ICON quoteTo read the full article, please, visit ICON Outlook’s website.

About InData Labs

InData Labs is a team of professionals who solve challenges in AI, Machine Learning, Big data, Predictive Analytics, and NLP. Since its establishment in 2014, the team has delivered 150+ projects that change traditional businesses running upside down across various industries.

InData Labs operation aids decision-making, extracting meaningful understandings from the data, automating repetitive tasks, conducting predictive analysis, and many other procedures that foster enterprise performance.

About ICON Outlook

ICON Outlook Magazine covers the world’s changeover and business via technological innovations. The magazine focuses on global tendencies and emerging technologies, innovators who can change the world, unravel long-term business crises, and more.

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