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Top 13 digital transformation consulting companies

25 January 2024
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Although 77% of global organizations have already taken some steps towards digitization, digital transformation consulting companies are still in high demand. Brands want to hire a partner who will act as a guide on their journey, regardless of the stage they are at. Such vendors help beginners to kickstart the process and support their clients in adjusting their ongoing digital initiatives to their current needs. Finding the right consultant is essential to building a meaningful online presence, an efficient technology-based internal work environment, and a customer-centric digital strategy.

This article will present the best digital transformation consulting providers that revolutionize businesses by providing know-how and sharing expertise. Each of the brands we showcase in this article has a unique approach and specializes in different services for various industries. Choosing one or another should strongly depend on the organization’s requirements.

Top digital transformation consulting companies

The consultants we mention in this blog post stand have helped many businesses with digitization. They deliver recommendations, encourage positive change, and design the future successes of their partners. Here are the best consulting firms for digital transformation.

InData Labs

InData Labs

Location: Miami, US
Founded: 2014

Specializing in big data and AI implementation, InData Labs creates tailor-made solutions for partners of various industry backgrounds. The unique offer includes the usage of large language models (LLMs) and generative AI, implementation of cognitive computing, predictive analytics, big data engineering, and more.

Research and development is a crucial part of InData Labs’ operations. The team of professionals helps brands that want to accelerate their digitization with the most advanced tech. A digital transformation consulting provider that was announced as the top AI and data consulting company by multiple entities.

Great for:

  • Companies with high demands and requirements to implement innovative technologies.
  • Brands that want to implement automation, chatbots, natural language processing, and predictive analytics to boost their operations.
  • Businesses that want their solutions to be tailor-made to their needs.

Industries: Healthcare, E-commerce, automotive, logistics, wellness, fintech, retail, gaming
Clients: EXtrance, GSMA, Ledgr, Flo, Captiv8, interprefy, myka, AsstrA,



Location: Brisbane, Australia
Founded: 2019

They call themselves “Experience Engineers.” As a consulting firm for digital transformation, Evolut helps with website and app development, dedicated sales strategies, CRM integration, and strategy building. The team’s goal is to support their clients at every step and create elevated digital experiences appreciated by end customers. The uniqueness of their approach is what sets them apart from similar firms.

Great for:

  • Companies that need a modern, bold digital presence with a focus on extraordinary visuals.
  • Brands that need a platform or an app with distinctive features that can’t be found in out-of-the-box solutions.
  • Businesses with future-oriented mindsets that want to appeal to younger consumers.

Industries: E-commerce, consumer goods, retail, B2B, government, education
Clients: Mia Kai, Slacker Radio, Next Fleet, Lavo, Manassen Foods, Together Co



Location: London, UK
Founded: 2017

Gripped is a B2B digital marketing agency that specializes in strategizing content, SEO, paid ads, and website design. They work with the most established providers, including WordPress, HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Google Ads to ensure their clients establish a professional online presence and use the power of SaaS tools to drive spectacular results. Their services come in packages, which is a flexible option for businesses of all sizes.

Great for:

  • Companies that need a full strategy and support in all their marketing efforts, including organic and paid reach.
  • Organizations that look for flexible pricing options, with packages that can be scaled when demands grow.
  • Enterprises that want to use SaaS to build an integrated, powerful work environment adjusted to their goals.

Industries: B2B, IT, legal, education, telecommunications
Clients: Epicor, Video Arts, Jarmany, Keaze, H2X, Nozzle AI



Location: New York, US
Founded: 1999

Method is an established provider that has been working with the most recognized brands on the market. Their area of expertise involves innovative products and all the necessary work they require, including programming, experience design, and strategy advising. Method’s engineers validate ideas, build solutions from scratch, and redesign existing systems to give them new, modern life.

Great for:

  • Established brands with high budgets and broad lists of demands.
  • Companies that already have products and services but need a fresh start and redesign.
  • Enterprises that are not afraid to meet face-to-face, let the agency check their internal state, and hear what should be improved.

Industries: Consumer goods, finance, entertainment, natural energy, healthcare
Clients: KFC, Renault, Ben & Jerry’s, PepsiCo, Hitachi, McDonald’s, DAZN, Lush

Art & Science

Art and Science

Location: Toronto, Canada
Founded: 2010

Art & Science is a full-circle digital transformation consulting firm specializing in advanced planning, UX and UI design, software development, and promotional activities. Their approach connects creativity with analytics. They adjust the team composition to each client’s individual requirements. This vendor not only supports existing companies on their journey toward digitization but also helps build new digital-first organizations.

Great for:

  • Organizations that want their marketing efforts to be highly creative or even artsy.
  • Brands that don’t have a strategy yet but want to go big and be supported from day one.
  • Firms that require paid ad campaigns to thrive and want them to be done the right way.

Industries: E-commerce, entertainment, B2B, finance, healthcare, non-profit
Clients: Ellie Mae, Starbucks, VetStrategy, Sabian, Canadian Cancer Society, Partner Stack



Location: Indianapolis, US
Founded: 2008

Resultant is a dynamic digital transformation consulting company with expertise in data analytics and tech. Formerly known as KSM Consulting, the company is composed of expert engineers, PMs, and business strategists. They claim to be good listeners, problem solvers, collaboration enthusiasts, and empathetic partners who work with private brands and the public sector. Their main goal is to drive positive change for all their clients.

Great for:

  • Businesses that want to talk, discuss, brainstorm, and strategize hand in hand with their digitization partner.
  • Institutions with a people-centric approach don’t want technology to come before human beings.
  • Organizations that want to make decisions based on adequate data.

Industries: Government, healthcare, non-profit, small and mid-sized businesses
Clients: US Navy, Indiana’s Department of Education, The Villages, The Milk Bank, The State of Colorado

Next Consult

Next Consult

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Founded: 2010

With five locations worldwide, over 100 consultants on board, and more than 500 clients served, Next Consult positions itself as a reliable, seasoned partner for all companies that want to level up their business and digitize their activities. The company was founded by former executives of such established brands as Microsoft, Deloitte, IBM, SAP, and Oracle. Now they work to achieve extraordinary results in operations optimization, people management, technology integration, and promotional efforts for their clients.

Great for:

  • Enterprises that want to modernize all departments, including marketing, HR, and IT.
  • Brands that are in search of a partner that has certified partnerships with SaaS providers to ensure seamless, non-disruptive integration.
  • Global companies with international, multi-language projects and worldwide range.

Industries: Finance, manufacturing, retail, real estate, utilities
Clients: Uniqua, DPD, Bayer, Lufthansa, Vodafone, British American Tobacco, Sodexo



Location: Richardson, US
Founded: 2007

Base22 uses its strengths to digitally transform companies in a quick and efficient way. They utilize the agile approach to build portals, apps, and digital experiences of all kinds. This brand’s mission is to craft seamless solutions that mix technology trends, human-centric focus, and long-term thinking for continuous growth. Their product – UX Accelerator Framework for Digital Experience Platforms – allows them to use their own methodology to design exceptional solutions.

Great for:

  • Organizations that want to quickly develop a robust solution with a worldwide range.
  • Businesses that need entire internal and external ecosystems to achieve their objectives.
  • Companies that want on-point UX in their digital solutions.

Industries: Manufacturing, finance, food, government, education, retail, insurance
Clients: UPS, PepsiCo, KFC, Honda, Taco Bell, Stanford University, Bunge, Cemex

Magnetar IT


Location: London, UK
Founded: 2015

Magnetar IT specializes in delivering robust IT services, including cloud solutions, software development, and automation. They integrate cybersecurity to guarantee that their clients employ technologies responsibly, preventing any disruption in operations during the digitization process. Ultimately, this provider aims to revolutionize the internal processes of their clients, boosting their business intelligence and resilience, while also augmenting their organizational efficiency and tech-savviness.

Great for:

  • Brands that want to transform their internal ecosystem with innovative technologies.
  • Companies that look for a smaller provider with a personal touch to their services.
  • Enterprises with complex processes that have to be digitized to ensure effectiveness.

Industries: B2B, manufacturing, HR, construction, PR
Clients: Undisclosed clients



Location: Richardson, US
Founded: 1995

InfoVision, a tech-savvy digital transformation consulting provider, can help their clients with generative AI and ML implementation, big data, Metaverse, IoT, as well as marketing and software engineering. With a global reach and over 3,500 specialists on board, the company has delivered solutions for a multitude of clients across all industries. They also have their own products to support their partners’ efforts in building digital presence and process optimization.

Great for:

  • Brands that want to work with an established partner that has been on the market for a long time.
  • Companies interested in modern technologies like blockchain, Metaverse, Internet of Things, and robotics.
  • Organizations that want to use proven solutions like Google Cloud, AWS, Salesforce, and Azure.

Industries: Telecommunication, retail, logistics, media, finance, insurance, healthcare
Clients: Undisclosed



Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Founded: 2011

For more than 12 years, DICEUS has excelled in delivering quality software solutions to enterprises and tech businesses. They offer custom software development, but that’s not all. Their expertise includes business analysis, system integration, UX and UI design, as well as staff augmentation. They work in an agile methodology and are certified Microsoft and Oracle partners. The number of technologies they specialize in means they can deliver impressive results for all types of businesses.

Great for:

  • Companies that want to develop software products from scratch with a single provider.
  • Enterprises that need a vendor with a broad tech stack to fulfill all their needs.
  • Brands that want to build a long-term relationship with their software partner and invest in maintenance services.

Industries: Retail, logistics, finance, healthcare, insurance, IT
Clients: TeamBase, BriteCore, Palmers, Verisense, RiskVille, NAYA Tech, Crowdsurfr



Location: New York, US
Founded: 1997

Genpact is a future-oriented digital transformation and consultation company with AI development, cloud solutions, automation, data analytics, as well as customer experience management services. Their human-centric approach and highly innovative offer are creating a mix that supports businesses in taking steps towards digitization without losing sight of their missions. Genpact also offers sustainability-related services which are imperative in today’s world.

Great for:

  • Organizations that want to reduce their negative impact on the environment and work with an aware provider.
  • Firms that want to introduce innovation into their structures and automate processes.
  • Businesses that want to work with a seasoned vendor.

Industries: Consumer goods, manufacturing, entertainment, IT, insurance, finance
Clients: Olympus, Garden of Life, Liberty Mutual, KONE, various undisclosed clients

Clarion Technologies

Clarion Technologies

Location: Pune, India
Founded: 2000

Companies with outsourcing needs can come to Clarion Technologies to build their own offshore team. Their employees specialize in full-stack, frontend, and backend development, testing, eCommerce programming, cloud, data visualization, and CMS integration. The company calls their outsourcing services “virtual employees”, which is a remedy for the lack of specialists on the market, high hiring costs, and problems with flexibility. Commitment and communication skills are their strong points, too.

Great for:

  • Companies that want to hire offshore specialists with expertise in a plethora of technologies.
  • Brands that want to optimize their spending and save resources.
  • Enterprises that want their collaboration with an external partner to be smooth and effortless.

Industries: Healthcare, finance, IT, B2B, real estate, education, e-commerce
Clients: GoldenComm, Financial Driver, Redline, Visyt, Iriss, Xtivity, SimPRO

Digitization – why should businesses embrace it?

Keeping competitiveness in oversaturated markets requires companies to be tech-aware, optimized, and prepared to quickly react when market trends change. The benefits of digitization are undeniable. Digital transformation consulting firms are hired to ensure that changes are introduced with attention to detail and according to state-of-the-art practices. Thanks to their work, brands can focus on their core business activities and revolutionize operations without disrupting them too much.

The time to digitize is now
InData Labs provides extensive services in AI-driven digital transformations, covering all the points above and providing professional support in technology integration.
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Technologies associated with digital transformation like AI and big data are the best way to streamline workflows, raise customer engagement, increase revenues, unlock growth opportunities, and make informed decisions. Companies also follow the digitization path to reduce costs in the long run.

Data architecture, analytics, automation, and other advantages these innovations bring to the table are a strong foundation for building flexible, scalable, future-proof businesses. Brands that embrace them will become leaders in their respective areas and win the loyalty of their customers.


There are many digital transformation consulting providers on the market. Sometimes making the right choice can be challenging. It’s important to analyze business objectives and pick a partner that has expertise working within the specific niche. They should also be able to deliver results that harmonize with established goals. A company that specializes in successful marketing strategies won’t be a good choice for a brand that looks for AI-driven digital transformation and vice versa.

Determining which partner is suitable for a particular organization also requires checking their portfolio, reviews, and overall work style. It’s important to browse through a website, go to the Clutch page, read testimonials, and get in contact with companies that passed the first check. Reaching out means the potential client can ask questions and find out if a certain provider matches their needs. That’s why it’s crucial to research potential partners and talk to them about desires, doubts, and challenges.


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