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InData Labs Partners with Imaguru Datathon

2 July 2019
Imaguru InData Labs

This year we are happy to announce that on the 19-21 of July 2019 Imaguru Practical Data Сhallenge Datathon will take place. Imaguru Datathon is an annual hackathon that connects all enthusiasts about Data Science for solving specific problems of companies with the help of data science and big data techniques.

Partner companies will set tasks and datasets for the participants, and then they will be solving them together during a week with the help of mentors’ support of experts from partner companies and data scientists. Datathon will be preceded by a Design Thinking process, where teams will try to find the solutions to the tasks. The result of the datathon – a formed team and a developed prototype with the use of the dataset.

We invite all data enthusiasts and devotees to join us for this event to apply your knowledge, challenge yourself, and meet like-minded people!

This event is a great opportunity to gain new experience, network with industry representatives and recognized data science professionals, or just spend a great time.

indatalabs imaguru

Being a Data Science partner of the event, our experts, Alexei Tishurov, Zakhar Yermak, and Eugene Medved will help industry partners define problems and prepare datasets for Datathon. They will be there to help you out with the technical issues.

Let’s meet InData Labs’ mentors 2019:

Alexei (ML Engineer)

Alexei is a data science expert, machine learning engineer, and a lecturer at BSU on the faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. He is engaged in translating business requirements into machine learning tasks and their solution.

The area of his interest includes various tasks of natural language processing and predictive analytics using both classical approaches and neural networks.

Zakhar (ML Engineer)

Zakhar is a machine learning engineer experienced in social media data analysis and natural language processing. He is engaged in the implementation of solutions using machine learning, process automation, and natural language processing applications, and also participates in Data Science training of employees on the customers’ side.

Eugene (DS)

Eugene is a data scientist at InData Labs with experience in predictive analytics, natural language processing, and data engineering backend development. He participates in processes of coordination and balancing business needs with opportunities and limitations of ML approaches, data-driven solutions design, implementation, and support.

Eugene’s specific interests are healthcare projects and natural processes predictive modeling both with classical ML techniques and NNs.

If you are passionate about Data Science this Imaguru Datathon is a great chance for you to learn from the most competent professionals in the industry, develop your skills, and learn something new!

Join us to come up with absolutely new and great ideas!

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