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InData Labs Data Science Laboratory: Raising the Next Generation of Data Science Professionals

20 June 2017
Data Science Professionals

Data scientist remains the “hottest” job of the XXI century. Data Science consultants and engineers are in high demand in every industry while candidates are in short supply and it’s getting harder to attract the rare talent and make them stay.

In the Glassdoor report on the most popular vacancies in the USA, Data Scientist was ranked #1 and was named “the best job in America”!

Offering data science as a service, and developing its AI-driven products, InData Labs like no other company feels that there is a shortage of experienced professionals in the field of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. For that reason, 3 years ago InData Labs founders decided to launch their own educational program for students, providing training in natural language processing, machine learning, computer vision and other technologies required by innovative organizations these days.

The main goal of our Data Science Laboratory is to provide talented students an opportunity to start a career in Data Science. For us it’s a chance to share our experience, to support the local data science community, and to grow the next generation of leaders for our company.

InData Labs students apply their knowledge to real-world problems from day one. They have an opportunity to work across an ever expanding set of domains and learn alongside some of the best and brightest minds in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

InData Labs Data Science Laboratory
Photo Credit: Andrey Davydchyk


Denis Pirshtuk, Chief Data Scientist at InData Labs, has been leading the Data Science Laboratory since its early days.

“We are looking for young people who already possess a solid theoretical knowledge in the field of computer science and machine learning, and help them apply their knowledge against real world problems – Denis says. – InData Labs Data Science Laboratory is not a data science course for beginners. 3 months is a very short term to study data analytics from the ground up and therefore we select the most talented candidates with a keen interest in Big Data & Data Science who have already learned a lot in this field on their own. InData Labs in its turn helps to deepen the knowledge and get the valuable practical expertise. Also, we provide access to the server infrastructure with graphics processing units, which allows students to solve difficult problems using deep learning and big data.”

We select the most motivated and talented students through a Data Science competition. The winners are awarded a 3-month scholarship for the period of study at the laboratory.

Initially, the lab was founded with support from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of BSU and its Scientific Research Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. At first, only a few students who were personally invited to the program by InData Labs executives joined the lab. Since then we have enrolled and trained three generations of young professionals.

A new bunch of our students graduated this May. Interestingly, not only students but also seasoned professionals from different industries and even different countries took part in the competition trying out for the lab this year. We are happy to see the growing interest in our data science laboratory because for us it’s the greatest acknowledgment and validation of our initiative.

After the training provided by InData Labs, it’s easier for students to find an interesting job, many of them stay at InData Labs. This year 50% of the graduates joined our team, two students completed an internship at Google, and one of them was offered a job.

Our graduates prove that they are among the best professionals in the world. Two InData Labs scholars won silver medals in the Quora competition in the field of natural language processing, becoming Top 5% of 3300 participants.

If you want to learn what our graduate students think about InData Labs Data Science Laboratory here are some points of feedback:

InData Labs Data Science Laboratory - Data Science Professionals


“The time spent in the lab was very useful. During the training, I worked on many interesting tasks. I learned a lot about natural language processing, neural networks, data visualizations tools, and time series forecasting. We had a great opportunity to practice in solving hard real-world problems, discussing and comparing different approaches.”

Evgenia Zhdanovich

InData Labs Data Science Professionals

“It was surprisingly useful for me. At the beginning I expected the training to be theory-focused, I thought I would listen to lectures at InData Labs and practice independently at home afterwards. But InData Labs professionals offered us intensive practical training and I appreciate it a lot.”

Pavel Filipovich

InData Labs Data Science

“I am lucky because I had an opportunity to practice and deepen my knowledge in natural language processing, and the experience is highly relevant to my graduate thesis topic. The lab gave me a lot of fresh ideas on how to improve my thesis. Also, I enjoyed working in a team with other students from the lab. Teamwork teaches you to look at a problem from different angles, and helps to generate more ideas and as a result to design better solutions.”

Anton Kulesh

Data Science Professional

“The most important thing for me was communication with like-minded professionals. It was interesting to discuss different methods and possible solutions of a problem, to present my solution to other participants and to hear ideas of my teammates. I’d like to thank InData Labs team for mentorship, they provided guidance and support not only in the Lab but 24/7 via Slack.

Evgeniy Mamul

We are trying to continuously improve the program and the format of the training. Next year, for example, we are planning to add new fields of study to the program. The Laboratory that starts in September 2017 will include training in software engineering, big data engineering, and high-load engineering. These skills are crucial for launching successful data science projects. We know how important those skills are and can’t wait to share the experience with our students.

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