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How Can Data Science Help in Ensuring Client Success?

15 October 2020
data science can help in ensuring client success

In the global landscape with changing needs of clients and companies, there is a need to measure everything. Metrics and KPIs are crucial for business decision-making. To make a business successful, one should keep an eye on customer behavior metrics. And that’s where data science (DS) comes to aid.

With this technology, it is possible to understand a lot more about client experience and behavior. Data analytics offers an improved customer experience and ensures that the satisfaction is amplified. With deep insights on client health score, product adoption, experience, and journey, companies can align their client success strategies accordingly to impact effectively.

If the question is how to procure data, the answer is there is no separate data collection process required. Businesses can use the data collected from the stage of initial talks, onboarding, product usage, brand advocacy, and account expansion – that is throughout the customer journey. Customer analytics through data science can be helpful in strategizing right, improving client retention, and reducing the churn.

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DS in customer success comprises predictive, prescriptive, and descriptive modelling. It also deals with the relationships with the client and allows for operational feasibility to target them.

data science for clients analytics

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Customer Analytics and Data Science: The Relationship

DS can be described as extracting information from data to empower and augment company decisions. When data insights about the client are used, it will be useful in knowing more about clients and their opinions and usage of the company offerings. With client information through DS, companies can:

  • Understand the level of client interaction and how they react to products. With data science, you can get customer analytics of interaction (customer lifetime value, engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, conversion and completion rate, etc.).
  • Identify churn patterns and work to prevent them. Customer churn can be understood with the help of predictive analysis.
  • Augment experiences of the client through AI-powered insights.
  • Predict client behavior via data regression analysis.
  • Create customer retention solutions through data analytics.
  • Gain valuable insights from sentiment analysis.

From company to company, cases may vary. If you’re thinking of using technology for your business, try data science consultancy. Whatever your business case and the domain you work in is, it can be successfully solved with the right tech.

5 Ways Customer Service and Data Science together Result in Customer Success

1.Understanding Client Behavior

With the help of technology, customer success teams can comprehend how analytics can be used to understand client actions and experiences in a clear manner. Companies can enhance user experience and create a strategy to drive action, fulfil queries, and improve user experience through data science. With data, it is possible to check if they will churn and compare patterns of historical trends. If a client is likely to churn, it will be visible, and the company can take steps to resolve the crisis, before it breaks down. Big data analysis is used by most companies to improve customer experience. Data science in customer service is thus helpful in understanding customer behavior.

2.Identifying the Сauses of Churn

To prevent churn, understanding why it arises is important. Customer experience in DS will help analyse churn. Data analysis will help companies analyse the underlying reason why clients leave the SaaS product or service. Through machine learning solutions, predictive analysis, or preventive analysis, churn can be noticed. This will help in customer retention and base itself on customer satisfaction, interaction, and sentiment. When the reason for churn is known, it will become easier to address the issue and resolve the crisis. With data analytics, those reasons will be known making it easier for companies to make sure less churn occurs.

identifying the causes of churn

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3.Customer Segmentation though Data Science

Another important way DS can revolutionise client success is through client segmentation. Companies can segment their clients based on demographic information, location, products, or services purchased, type of business, gender, age and more. They can be easily divided into clusters and categorised based on feedback as well. This will segment high value clients from others and improve their prospects. This will result in multiplied loyalty of the client and improved experience. Simple as that.

4.Data Science in Customer Experience Fills Internal Gaps

DS also fills internal gaps within organizations. Through artificial intelligence and big data, client data can be used to augment marketing efforts. When marketing efforts are aligned with customer service expectations, it becomes easier to improve its success. With data science, client segmentation can be enabled to upsell, cross-sell, improve customer footprint, and increase revenue. A/B testing is also possible when data sets can be categorised into different categories.

data science in customer experience fills internal gaps

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5.Right Targeting through DS

The most important aspect, however, of customer success through DS is that clients are targeted very well. When they are targeted rightly, it becomes easier to send new features or make their experience better. Clients when classified based on product usage, social media interaction, and more can result in increased retention. Intelligent decisions can be made when data is processed and analysed to target a specific set of clients. The volume of information on clients can be processed to get even more value.

Bottom Line: DS Contributes to Customer Success

Advanced analytics can be used to study and target profitable clients accurately. With analytics, you can get to know more about your most valuable clients and the ones who will switch if they encounter a bad experience. It screens loyal ones and figures those who can influence decision making. With customer experience services, it is possible to understand clients beyond numbers. Analytics-based solutions will make companies know where, when, and how to position themselves in the market with respect to client success. It opens up endless possibilities which will be helpful in creating a wholesome client experience and process for all clients.


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