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15 ChatGPT development companies

27 June 2024
ChatGPT development companies-s

Artificial intelligence makes it much easier for us to work with information and data. A special rise has been seen in the demand for ChatGPT development companies. Neural networks are already being used in areas such as marketing, journalism, IT, education, personnel management, analytics, and sales. That’s why companies that seek to increase productivity and automate the execution of routine tasks, reach out to ChatGPT developers much more often today.

Top 15 ChatGPT сompanies

Along with the growth in demand for ChatGPT’s capabilities, the number of companies offering such services is constantly increasing. In this article, we will delve into the services of the most prominent ChatGPT service providers of today’s market.

1. InData Labs

InData Labs

Founded: 2014
HQ: Nicosia, Cyprus

InData Labs ChatGPT development company is a forward-looking company of IT professionals who have boosted the growth of hundreds of businesses over a decade of its committed collaborations with clients. Thanks to it, the company has gained a strong reputation in the data science and AI consulting and development industry.

InData Labs has become well-known for its results-oriented approach and deep applied expertise in AI. As a certified AWS company, it offers professional assistance in building machine learning, Generative AI, predictive analytics, and natural language processing solutions. Among the company’s most recent Generative AI case studies there is a ChatGPT-4 based virtual assistant development project, a virtual assistant for its own website, an intelligent AI voice assistant app for hands-free cooking, and others.

2. SoluLab


Founded: 2014
HQ: New York, United States

SoluLab Inc provides full spectrum services to businesses of all sizes with mobile, ChatGPT, and web development, QA services, IoT, and blockchain development. The company’s expertise covers a wide range of areas and industry verticals, which allows them to find the right development approach for each client.

It has been focusing on blockchain solutions, which are already being used by 50M+ people. It has won the company a good reputation on the market, leading to cooperation with such giants as Walt Disney, Goldman Sachs, Mercedez Benz, University of Cambridge. Some of SoluLab’s recent solutions include an online chatbot for a mental health platform and a system that allows a business to train its chatbot to provide accurate responses to clients.

3. BotsCrew


Founded: 2016
HQ: London, UK

Another example of ChatGPT companies is BotsCrew which has been primarily focused on developing AI solutions and chatbots. Its ChatGPT app development services are giving benefits in diverse industries with healthcare and ecommerce being the top focus.

Since BotsCrew started in 2016, it has launched over 100 chatbots on numerous social networks and collaborated with companies like Mars, Natera, Honda, and Adidas. Such thorough experience in ChatGPT software development allows the company to create excellent virtual assistants that drive clients’ businesses to success.

4. SimuBlade


Founded: 2014
HQ: Texas, United States

Simublade is a full-service product lab that leverages the maximum power of artificial intelligence to provide its customers with a range of services. The company places special attention on AI development including PoC, Generative AI, AI strategy consulting, chatbot development, and ChatGPT integration services.

Simublade’s team was mentioned among the top AI and app development companies of 2024 for the outstanding solutions it built, and it is excelling its skills quite intensively in the sphere.

5. Neoteric


Founded: 2005
HQ: Gdansk, Poland

Neoteric is another leader among Generative AI companies which introduces AI into small and medium-sized businesses. It completed 250+ projects within 9 years and was included in the Top AI Companies 2023 by Clutch. The company has grown steadily as its AI solutions showed extremely good results in accelerating companies’ growth and helping them meet their business objectives.

Recently, Neoteric integrated the GPT model into a fitness company’s chat to provide users with recommendations and answers to their questions and increase user engagement. It eventually shortened the bot’s response time from 40 seconds to 2 seconds, which palpably improved the usability of the product.

6. LeewayHertz

6 LeewayHertz

Founded: 2007
HQ: California, United States

LeewayHertz is one of the artificial intelligence and chatbot development companies that has developed over 100 projects in AI, blockchain, and other advanced technologies like IoT. The company utilizes machine learning and natural language processing technologies to solve clients’ most complex challenges.

Although LeewayHertz primarily focuses on small businesses, it offers a number of ready-made Generative AI solutions for different industries – GenAI platforms for healthcare, manufacturing, finance, logistics, IT, and others.



Founded: 2001
HQ: Berlin, Germany

IT CRAFT is another well-known AI provider that offers the expertise of its ChatGPT developers through the team augmentation model. The company has been on the market for over 2 decades and completed more than 2000 successful AI projects over this time.

Its ChatGPT solutions encompass such applications as content creation, business process automation, competitor analysis, E-commerce support, and more. IT CRAFT focuses on customization and adjusting ChatGPT capabilities to each customer’s individual needs.

8. OpenXcell

8 OpenXcell

Founded: 2009
HQ: United States

OpenXcell is a widely known resource hiring and custom software development company that offers end-to-end business and technology consultation. It also provides high-quality ChatGPT integration solutions among its AI & ML services.

Since 2023, the company has gained extensive expertise in building social networking platforms, GenAI portals, and other related solutions. As a result, OpenXcell’s consistent quality-driven software delivery has encouraged more and more businesses to collaborate with them on AI projects like ChatGPT integration.

9. Ptolemay

9 Ptolemay

Founded: 2020
HQ: California, United States

Ptolemay is a full-cycle IT development company that approaches projects of any complexity from consulting to integration and support. The company has mostly collaborated with businesses from E-commerce, healthcare, logistics, and education spheres having gained a solid reputation there.

Named the #1 AI Developer in California, its ChatGPT web development team has brought its clients tangible benefits. They specialize in delivering such systems as product recommendation, customer support, review insights, sales and promotions, and shopping assistants.

10. 6omb AI

10 6omb AI

Founded: 2020
HQ: California, United States

6omb AI is a custom AI service provider that has recently excelled as a ChatGPT development company too. It mostly addresses midmarket business issues utilizing machine learning, cognitive computing, and conversational AI technologies.

The company has recently delivered numerous related projects, including a chatbot platform for an AI consultancy firm, an AI-powered coaching chatbot, the development of the Mini-Me Chatbot Builder to allow sales reps to create bespoke chatbots, and CoffeeGPT that generates personalized coffee-themed images incorporating customers’ likenesses.

11. Peerbits

11 Peerbits

Founded: 2011
HQ: Gujarat, India

Peerbits is a renowned AI service provider of web and mobile, cloud, and DevOps solutions which recently started utilizing ChatGPT for software development as well. The company serves all industries with the majority of its products focusing on FinTech, logistics, transportation, and healthcare industries. Known for its value-centric approach, Peerbits prioritizes integrity, trust, and excellence in projects.

12. Raftlabs

12 Raftlabs

Founded: 2017
HQ: Dublin, Ireland

Raftlabs is a company of AI experts serving small businesses with superior ML, NLP, CV, predictive analytics, and other services. The company mainly delivers solutions to businesses from E-commerce and social media sectors.

In addition, Raftlabs was successful in building a ChatGPT large language model based on the knowledge and technologies they have gained. Its most recent work is a voice chat web app to enforce the decision-making process with automated gathering insights in real-time.

13. Go Wombat

13 Go Wombat

Founded: 2015
HQ: Tallinn, Estonia

Go Wombat is a strong team of 100+ machine learning and NLP developers who have over 150 successful projects under their belt. Virtual assistant web developers from Go Wombat integrate ChatGPT in any business with most of their solutions targeting marketing, advertising, and hospitality sectors.

When integrating ChatGPT, they focus on ensuring robust security protocols, multi-platform compatibility, and real-time interaction analysis. Regardless the client’s business specifics, Go Wombat strives to provide the most customized ChatGPT integration services.

14. Onilab


Founded: 2011
HQ: California, United States

Onilab is another excellent example of skilled ChatGPT developers who are keen on providing top-quality service to their clients. It is an a Magento development company that mainly helps e-commerce businesses maximize their potential and boost profits. Onilab’s ML, DL, and NLP developers build custom ChatGPT-powered solutions, promoting clean, functional code and strict deadlines.

Within the ChatGPT and AI chatbot radius, Onilab offers ChatGPT consulting & integration, custom OpenAI model development, voice assistant and chatbot development, as well as support & maintenance services.

15. AIVeda


Founded: 2022
HQ: California, United States

AIVeda is a prominent player in the field of Generative AI, focusing on revolutionizing the fintech industry. The company has increasingly prioritized innovation in its work which is demonstrated in its solutions. Besides Generative AI, its team is also experienced in predictive analytics, and cloud and data science solutions.

Moreover, AIVeda has built its proprietary AI conversational bot Lira which utilizes sophisticated NLP and deep learning algorithms. This chatbot is aimed to streamline customer support and business decisions for any sector and can be efficiently integrated with CRM, ERP, social media, and other platforms.

AI chatbot integration into business statistics

Chatbots, virtual assistants, voice assistants – all these notions are no longer a new phenomenon. The reason is that we face them daily through different services. With task automation and quick and accurate query responses, ChatGPT-powered assistants have become almost a necessity for many businesses worldwide.

According to a study conducted by Gartner, generative AI will achieve transformational impact, providing new ways of conducting business within the next 2-5 years. To see the full scale of its adoption across businesses and what this adoption has brought about, let’s first look at some reasons that signal their companies to integrate ChatGPT:

  • Many employees use ChatGPT individually at work – 66% use it for coding, and 58% use it for creating content or copywriting. Additionally, 57% use chatbots for customer support, and 52% for summarizing documents or meetings.
  • 67% of consumers worldwide already use chatbots.
  • 79% of travelers say personalized recommendations – such as from AI assistants – based on previous bookings and browsing history are important.
  • 79% of consumers say they prefer live chat functions because they don’t have to wait to get their questions answered immediately.
  • 74% of users prefer chatbots when seeking answers to simple questions.

Let’s examine some industry-specific statistics of ChatGPT-based solutions:

  • 37% of individuals working in advertising or marketing reported using AI to aid with work-related tasks.
  • 30% of large organizations’ outbound marketing messages will be artificially generated by 2025.
  • As for human resources, 77% of companies that use ChatGPT say that they use it to generate job descriptions, 66% to prepare applications for interviews and 65% to answer applications.
  • Generative AI has the potential to automate 60% to 70% of work and documentation activities while reducing the risks of manual errors.
  • Healthcare and accounting had the lowest adoption rate, with only 15% and 16% of respondents reporting the use of AI in their work.

What impact has ChatGPT integration brought to businesses? Let us answer with numbers.

  • Providing self-service tracking via ChatGPT improved customer satisfaction by over 20%
  • 48% of businesses using ChatGPT have replaced human workers with AI chatbots.
  • 25% of companies employing ChatGPT have already saved more than $75,000 with the technology.
  • Almost all companies that use ChatGPT claim to have saved money, with 48% of them reporting savings of more than $50,000 and 11% having saved over $100,000.

As a result of such tangible benefits, companies all over the world have the following plans regarding ChatGPT-based solutions:

The benefits of ChatGPT integration in business

The pace of ChatGPT’s spread and usage across industries is astonishing as we observe more and more companies adopting this technology. For instance, Discord has implemented the ChatGPT for Discord feature which allows users to interact with AI-generated responses in designated channels. Another well-known platform GitHub has adopted ChatGPT for web development and code suggestions.

Automated workflow

Source: Unsplash

In addition, the American FinTech company Stripe collaborated with OpenAI to enhance their solutions with GPT-4. As a result, ChatGPT fraud detection models and personalized algorithms allowed the company to increase conversion rates and help users manage fraud.

So, what are the main reasons for companies to invest more money in ChatGPT-powered solutions? Let’s figure it out.

Quality sales assistance

Using ChatGPT capabilities, you will be able to increase the efficiency of attracting customers, optimize the buying process, and provide individual recommendations and suggestions. It can provide convincing answers to a variety of questions – from price questions to queries that inspire confidence and remove barriers to buying. Overall, ChatGPT will be a round-the-clock sales assistant that helps you ensure revenue growth.

Shopify is one of the companies that has integrated ChatGPT into their E-commerce business processes. They utilize ChatGPT to automate client queries and improve interactions with clients.

Enhanced & personalized customer experience

Embedding ChatGPT into your sales strategy is not just about automating tasks, it’s about improving relations with your customers too. It is great for gathering information and qualifying potential customers. By engaging potential customers in meaningful conversations, your AI chatbot can collect valuable data. It can ask relevant questions, offer interesting content, and share important contact details.

What’s more, when armed with convincing answers, your AI agent will be able to respond to typical objections that customers may have. This will not only help you better understand your customers but also lay the foundation for more personalized interaction with them in the future.

An example of a company that integrated ChatGPT for a better user experience is Coursera. They use ChatGPT to automatically generate answers to students’ FAQs, which helped speed up the support process and improve the overall learning experience for their users.

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Informed marketing strategies

ChatGPT helps employees develop marketing strategies, campaign concepts, and work out creative approaches that resonate with the target audience. Moreover, its ability to handle huge amounts of data and trends will ensure that the strategies it recommends are based on relevant data.

ChatGPT can also help create eye-catching headlines, compelling promotional texts, and exciting social media posts. With its help, you will also be able to evaluate customer feedback and draw conclusions about their loyalty levels and satisfaction with products.

Optimized internal business operations

When integrated into your processes, ChatGPT can take over scheduling, sending out invitations, and even setting reminders for important meetings. GPT-based software can also help enter data into spreadsheets, analyze it, write emails, or make reports using templates and keywords. All in all, its versatility and precision help organizations achieve operational excellence, saving employees more time to focus on strategic tasks.

In addition, ChatGPT can be used to optimize industry-specific business processes. In medicine, for example, after this tool processes medical data, it can be used to create individual treatment plans. In the finance sector, it analyzes market trends and forecasts changes in stock and currency prices.

Customer experience

Source: Unsplash

Automated HR & onboarding processes

When hiring employees, your HR department can make use of ChatGPT to draw up a list of requirements for the position or make a brief description of the company. It can also make decisions about who to hire to fill a vacancy based on an analysis of the applicant’s profile, experience, and skills.

A configured GPT-powered bot can be trained to answer new employees’ first questions, provide important information, and direct them during the induction process. The bot can train new employees, showing them how to communicate with customers correctly and how to solve problems that may arise at work.

Additionally, with ChatGPT you can generate learning materials, tests, and assignments for in-house learning, which will increase learning efficiency and reduce course preparation costs.

Improved HR processes

Source: Unsplash

Smart decision-making

The most common example of the use of GPT-armed chatbots in business is data analysis. Many companies use artificial intelligence to analyze large amounts of data to determine trends, reveal hidden patterns, and make better decisions.

For example, it can help you decide on the best supplier for your company. ChatGPT will analyze various parameters such as price, product quality, delivery time, and other factors, and provide a list of best supplier options. Another example of making decisions is the one on investing in a specific project. ChatGPT can analyze the company’s financial reports, market trends, and other parameters to provide recommendations for optimal investment.

Best ChatGPT implementation practices

Before making the final decision to implement ChatGPT into your business, it is vital to realize its final goal and get everything ready for its implementation. So, what should you consider when implementing a ChatGPT-based solution?

Here are some of the most significant factors:

Ensure seamless data transmission to human agents

While ChatGPT has incredible capabilities, it will sometimes face complex requests or situations beyond its capabilities. Upon contacting a ChatGPT development team, develop a well-defined escalation process that will allow the chatbot to delegate communication to a human. This human-AI interaction ensures that clients receive the maximum possible assistance.

Quality assurance

Source: Unsplash

Perform monitoring and regular iterations

Ensure continuous improvement of user-chatbot interaction with the help of a reliable monitoring system. Create a feedback loop that not only collects information from users but also evaluates the performance of the AI agent. This constant refinement with regular testing and iterations is necessary to improve the capabilities of your ChatGPT-powered solution over time.

Set up clear user expectations

Give your users a clear explanation that they are interacting with an artificial intelligence system. Define expectations regarding the solution’s capabilities and limitations. This will prevent misunderstandings and help users understand what they should expect from interaction.

Ensure data security

If your ChatGPT-based solution works with confidential information, priority should be given to data privacy and security. Apply robust data protection measures and comply with appropriate data protection standards to build customer confidence.

Data privacy

Source: Unsplash

What to await?

A new wave of possibilities of GPT is going to emerge this and next year, entailing progress in the following directions:

  • Deeper specialization. More specialized and industry-specific versions of the GPT are expected to be able to perform increasingly complex and specific tasks.
  • Integration and interaction. ChatGPT-powered solutions will have an improved capability to integrate with other systems and platforms, allowing it to be used more effectively in corporate ecosystems. Availability and scalability. We will have the opportunity to customize ChatGPT to a wider range of users.
  • Ethical and legal aspects. There will be huge work done to evaluate and control the ethics and legal responsibility in the use of AI. Special attention will fall on copyright and data privacy issues.
  • Integration instead of invasion. AI will not seek to replace a person or force businesses to change established processes. The main focus in the sphere of ChatGPT’s updates and increased corporate customization is shifting to a harmonious combination of AI capabilities with the current technical and software resources of companies.

Summing up

It is impossible to ignore the lightning-speed development of machine learning NLP algorithms. In the foreseeable future, they will inevitably affect both our daily lives and business development. The complete elimination and refusal from ChatGPT solutions and other solutions of the kind could result in the company falling behind more advanced competitors and losing its market share. That’s why, it is vital to try embedding these technologies into your work today, but do it consciously.

ChatGPT is a powerful tool that can enhance the value of your people, and their performance, and provide new levels of insights and automation. Companies that are scared to integrate it mostly lose much of their potential profits and growth opportunities. So, all you need to do is to reach out to vetted ChatGPT integration specialists and get professional assistance and the best-suited solution for you.


  • The cost of developing a GPT chat system can vary widely based on factors such as complexity, customization, and features required. The final price range can span from a few thousand to several hundred thousand dollars. You can contact ChatGPT solution providers for more exact estimations of your project with all business and industry specifics.

  • GPT chat offers a plethora of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their customer service and streamline operations. It is widely adopted thanks to its ability to provide natural language understanding and generation, allowing for more human-like interactions between users and the chatbot. Businesses leverage this ability of GPT to improve user interactions, personalize responses, automate tasks and processes, and reach wiser decisions faster.

  • ChatGPT works by using deep learning algorithms to process and generate human-like text responses based on the input it receives from users. It utilizes the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model to understand context, tone, and intent for more engaging and effective conversational experiences.

  • ChatGPT was developed by the artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI.

  • It is unlikely that ChatGPT will completely replace software developers, as human intervention and oversight are still necessary to ensure quality and accuracy in many applications. However, it can augment and streamline the development process for certain tasks and applications.

  • Microsoft’s substantial investment in OpenAI is a strategic move to strengthen its position in the AI space and drive innovation in the field. It realizes the present and future potential of GPT chat and therefore wants to integrate it into its own products and services. Investing in OpenAI could help Microsoft stay ahead of competitors in the AI space and retain a solid competitive edge in the market.

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