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  • Why Should Brands Find Time for Hashtag Analytics?
    Why Should Brands Find Time for Hashtag Analytics?

    With 400M+ daily active users brands are quickly recognizing the need to have presence on Instagram. Referrals, hashtags, artistically-driven profiles and search function allow brands to find and engage the right audience. From this post you’ll learn how hashtag analytics can help brands stay on the same wavelength with consumers, while building a community of followers on Instagram.

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  • Which Brands Reign over London Instagram in 2016?
    Brands on London Instagram

    What we’ve learned about brands in one of the most instagrammed cities in the world. Uncover which brands are dominating London Instagram, who their audience is, and which brand has established the best relationship with it.

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  • Customer Intelligence is a Key to Customer Success
    Customer Intelligence

    The modern customer-centric business world is no longer about simply understanding your customer – it is about being able to predict customer actions before they occur, and Customer Intelligence is here to help with this overwhelming challenge. A wide variety of customer data available can be used to improve your customer engagement strategy and act…

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  • Interactive Map: Hong-Kong through The Lense of Instagram
    Hong Kong Instagram Data Visualization

    InData Labs presents interactive map of Hong Kong that visualizes Instagram activity in the city. The map is telling a story about life in Hong Kong, by showing who posts what and from which locations. Navigating the map you will better understand the portrait of social media user in Hong Kong, you will discover the most popular brands in Hong-Kong’s Instagram, the most active districts of the city and a lot more. Give it a try right now!

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  • Influencer Marketing for Growth Hacking
    influencer marketing

    It seems impossible to find a “perfect match” influencer for your brand among two billion active social media accounts. This is where Big Data comes in handy. Big Data technologies not only can provide you with a detailed analysis of an influencer, but also can discover insights on influencer’s audience.

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  • Social Media Intelligence
    social media intelligence

    Big data technologies and data science bring social media analysis to the next level. Now every company can determine and gain the level of insight and understanding of social media required to reach its business goals.

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