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Category: InData Labs News

  • InData Labs Recognized as a 2021 B2B Artificial Intelligence Leader
    indata labs among top cognitive computing companies 2021

    Despite the many challenges of 2020, AI has consolidated its adoption. Safe to say, it’ll shape 2021 and beyond. As the COVID-19 spread, AI brought an arsenal of tools to fight against the virus and revive the economics. InData Labs has been named one of the top B2B leaders in the artificial intelligence industry in…

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  • Announcing AI and Edge Computing Meetup [ONLINE]
    ai and edge computing meetup online

    The artificial intelligence (AI) market is constantly growing with AI solutions penetrating deeply into business processes increasing its efficiency and competitive performance in the VUCA world. At InData Labs, every day we work with specific business needs of our clients to accelerate growth and business goals achievement. We are also keen on contributing to the…

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  • Human Pose Estimation Technology in Action during the CrossFit Competition
    human pose estimation technology used during the crossfit competition

    On 23 February, during the men’s cross fit competition organized by one of the fitness-centers in Minsk, the Human Pose Estimation solution was used as part of the electronic judging. During the event, the Human Pose Estimation solution tracked the athletes’ movements in real time and analyzed the correctness of physical exercises performance. The data…

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  • InData Labs Named Top Machine Learning Company in 2021
    top machine learning company 2021

    Machine Learning (ML) has blended into our life without our much notice. ML is everywhere. Healthcare organizations use it for better diagnosis and enhanced patient care, banks for efficient fraud detection, the automotive industry tests automatic cars and autopilots with the help of ML. The technology has gained momentum, and it is here to stay….

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