Category: Data Science and AI solutions

  • Empowering Sports with 3D Pose Estimation
    3d pose estimation

    Lately, 3D pose estimation has been curving its own section in the computer vision community. The potential of the technology to meet the current market demand and generate profits is enormous. Entertainment and media, surveillance, healthcare, and sports are the top four industries where 3D human pose estimation can shine at. Let’s focus on how…

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  • How AI Is Changing Business [Now & In the Future]
    AI used for business now

    In today’s modern world, technology is the primary drive that pushes industries and societies towards innovation and improvement. As such, we must be aware of how AI is already changing business in industries across the globe and how it will impact our future. First, we need to acknowledge the influence technological development already has in…

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  • Unlocking the Power of AI for Education in 2020
    the power of ai for education article

    Technology has been transforming most aspects of modern life at breakneck speed. It has touched upon almost everything – from banking, retail, healthcare, and sports to farming and forestry. Only one industry has remained deeply steeped in tradition: education. Even today, in 2020, the schools in most countries are pretty similar to those we had…

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