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  • How Visual Search Works and Helps Users Get What They Are After
    visual search CV

    As one of the most hyped fields of AI, computer vision has applications in different areas of business and everyday life. Cision reports that computer vision is set for more growth in popularity. Computer vision has revolutionized retail, customer services, automotive, and healthcare sectors. Experts argue whether it is possible or not to teach machines to…

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  • Deep Learning in Image Recognition Opens Up New Business Avenues

    Present-day image recognition is comparable to human visual perception. It has entered daily life and serves different needs. Facebook and other social media platforms use this technology to enhance image search and aid visually impaired users. Retail businesses employ image recognition to scan massive databases to better meet customer needs and improve both in-store and…

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  • Artificial Intelligence in Finance: 5 Ways to Finest Customer Experience
    AI in Finance

    The concept of harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) for business automation and transformation is sweeping the world. In our blog, we have been diving into the matters of retail, tech, and healthcare giants adopting cutting-edge technologies. Another sphere where AI demonstrates its great transformational potential is finance and banking. Be it a startup or an established…

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  • Business Intelligence Trends 2019: AI for Data Management
    Bi and Data Management

    Today, the digitization of businesses is in high gear. Digitally mature businesses harness exceptional opportunities. They can attract a larger audience, better predict consumer needs, automate in-house operations, save time and expenses. Business Intelligence (BI) is a tech-driven process for analyzing data. It implies that emerging technologies are extremely important for the BI industry. Latest…

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  • AI in Logistics: Data-Driven Shifts to Boost Your Business
    AI in logistics and transportation

    AI technologies in 2019 are not a luxury but a necessity for organizations to achieve and maintain their competitive edge in the field of logistics. According to Forbes Insight research, 65% of the industry leaders believe that logistics, transportation, and supply chain have ushered in the era of “profound transformation.” The report by Accenture reveals…

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  • 4 Ways to Leverage Data Science for Business Endeavors
    data science for business endeavors

    Businesses across different industries face, however, similar obstacles on the road to success. Among such constraints are time-consuming manual tasks, poor conversion rate, low productivity, etc. As Gartner says, “Data scientists hold the key to unveiling better solutions to old problems.” There are lots of data science techniques that can be successfully used for building…

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  • 5 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2019: Analytics, Industries, Approaches, Ethics, Job Creation
    AI Predictions

    Humanity has long been obsessed with the potential of computerization and robots. The concept of artificial mind hasn’t appeared out of anywhere. Previously, artificial intelligence (AI) was vigorously discussed in the domain of science fiction. But those days can rightly be seen as the cradle of AI and approaches of employing it in the way…

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  • The Most Exciting Uses of Image Recognition That are Already Changing Our Lives
    uses of image recognition

    Image recognition has been a topic on our blog a few time before. It’s a technology that has not stopped gaining popularity for some time now, and we wanted to take a look at what other interesting and even non-conventional ways image recognition software makes a difference in different industries today. Image Recognition in Healthcare…

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  • Human-in-the-Loop Computing Paradigm: Machine Learning with Human Input

    Are we heading towards the future of machines that learn and perform all by themselves? With the recent advancements in deep learning, it may seem so, but some experts disagree. Human-in-the-Loop approach to machine learning is gaining popularity as the best approach to training more accurate models. What value can it bring to a machine…

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  • Feature Engineering as a Core of Machine Learning Business Value
    Feature Engineering as a Core of Machine Learning Business Value

    “How can we ensure the success of our machine learning project?” Your business has asked this questions. Your competitors have asked this question. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer, but a good candidate could be feature engineering. Some data scientist described it as a bottleneck, other as a superpower. Either way, all of them agree…

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