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Announcing “Big Data Days with BPS-Sberbank” Datathon [ONLINE]

9 October 2020
big data days datathon

Contributing to the data science community is one of the main priorities for our company.

This time we are happy to announce that our partner Imaguru Startup HUB is opening the hackathon season, and our data-science team is ready to provide expert support.
On October 19-25 the “Big Data Days with BPS-Sberbank” datathon will take place in an ONLINE format.

This datathon is a competition between teams where participants will work on real data tasks for a limited period of time, using the help of data scientists, mentors, and our partners from BPS-Sberbank. The participants will demonstrate their creative abilities and skills in the field of data science while creating and testing hypotheses.

Applications will be accepted not only from novice Data Scientists who want to improve their skills but also from data science experts.

We invite all data enthusiasts and devotees to join us for this event to apply your knowledge, challenge yourself, and meet like-minded people! We will also be glad to see marketers, designers, and developers in this event.

It doesn’t matter what projects you’ve done before. We are waiting for everyone open to challenges and ready to work in the field of data science.

datathon event 2019

Source: Imaguru
Datathon 2019

The hackathon will be held from October 19 to 25.
The prize fund of the hackathon will be 15,000 BYN, which will be divided among three winning teams.

If you are passionate about Data Science, this Datathon is an excellent chance for you to learn from the most competent professionals in the industry, develop your skills, and learn something new!

Join us to come up with absolutely new and great ideas!

To participate in the hackathon, you must register at

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