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Top 5 Benefits of AI-Enabled Mobile Apps for Your Business

27 October 2022
benefits of ai for mobile apps

Today, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is no longer labelled as ‘science fiction story’ and a soon-to-replace-human-workforce machine. Quite the opposite, it’s considered a catalyst for change. A 2020 IDC (International Data Corporation) survey has shown that About 2,000 IT and other companies are ready to adopt AI. Click To Tweet Adopters claimed that AI has brought about significant improvements in customer experience, operation automation and employee productivity. The list goes on.

Statista sees revenue increases in companies that adopted AI in 2019:

artificial intelligence adoption

Source: Statista

Software development hasn’t been left out in the cold. AI has opened up new avenues for both web and mobile app development. The latter is especially gaining traction. The benefits of AI mobile apps for business are numerous.
To know what impact AI makes on mobile apps, and what are the advantages of using AI-based mobile apps for business, read further.

Why Go For AI in Mobile App Development?

AI enhances mobile apps in every possible way, making them intelligent, user-friendly and most importantly, catered to the user. It is not a secret that the reason behind a successful mobile app in 2020 is happy and engaged users. You cannot make your users stay happy forever, but at least you can analyze their behavior to line up with their needs, right?

There’s plenty of fish in the mobile app sea. And if your users don’t get offers curated for them or product bundles they like, they won’t renew the subscription. If your mobile app fails to provide the characteristics and benefits of average mobile applications, your users will easily switch to another app. That’s the reality. So don’t build your hopes up about topping the mobile app rating and getting subscribers, if you don’t bother to go with the tides. And by going with the tides we mean using the latest technology. Happily, AI can be that right tech to upgrade your app.

If you don’t know where to start, get quality AI solution consulting from InData Labs, a pioneer in AI solution development.

mobile app development pros

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Top 5 Benefits of Mobile Applications Powered by AI

Mobile apps are everywhere. You have an app to wake up to, another one to manage your busy schedule, one to meet people online. Mobile apps have perfectly blended into our lives and are here to stay.

Benefits of having an AI-powered mobile app for your business are outstanding. From a business perspective, what are the key factors affecting the success of a mobile app on the market?

Increased Levels of Personalized Content

Content personalization helps grow customer loyalty and increase sales. If you offer user-generated content and mix it up with exclusive offers, you’ve got every chance to make users hooked on your app. To do that, you can use the power of AI. AI learns from the in-app customer’s behavior, does customer segmentation and provides user-generated content. Take the world’s famous mobile app for women health Flo. It analyzes the in-app user’s behavior to know what they want to read about and personalizes their feed. Daily health insights, ovulation and period, pregnancy essentials, the content is catered to suit the user’s needs. So, any app that is rich in data, can be a goldmine for AI. To get all the advantages of using mobile apps for business, product owners have to keep in mind.

increased personalization in mobile apps

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Apart from relevant content offerings, product bundles, push notifications can be also organized with this technology. Using AI to remind your user to hand out an assignment on time and practice mindfulness can work wonders. All you have to do is to let AI wrap its arms around data.

Automated Customer Interaction

Among other benefits of mobile applications based on AI is automated customer interaction. The technology is a life saver for those who have tons of messages from customers per day. If your support team doesn’t seem to manage the load, you’d better implement AI into your app than lose a handful of customers, right? Automated customer service software offers quick answers to the questions and topics known to it. If you implement it, you’ll free the workload of your support team. Simple questions about products and services, shipping and etc. can be outsourced to AI, leaving more space for intelligent work.

IoT in Mobile Apps

What are the benefits of having a mobile app for your IoT business? There are many. People are starting to like the idea of having a remote control over home smart devices from an app. It’s convenient, time-saving, and it’s trendy. Demand generates supply, they say. And that is so true considering the number of smart home and IoT apps. Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa – this is it. And there will be more to come.

The technology behind this magic is AI. AI links apps with home devices for smooth data transfer and management. Whether you want to boil the kettle or listen to Mozart’s operas, it’s just a click away from you. That’s simple.

smart home and IoT apps

Source: Unsplash

Increased Mobile App Productivity

If you’re looking for ways to improve app productivity, you’ll want to consider AI and ML. Take visual search. It enables shopping with a camera. It streamlines product search and makes the whole buying experience easy and enjoyable. Today, retailers use visual search to scale up their in-app experience.

Imagine looking for a leather jacket bomber. You have two options – to type it like ‘black leather jacket bomber winter’ or you can upload the pic of a similar jacket, and that’s it. You’ve got relevant searches. And saved your time. What option would you’d go for? No doubt, the second one.
Target has been using visual search for quite some time. Customers can upload a pic of a product into the app to get the relevant search results. Visual search through Pinterest Lens make the shopping experience easier and better. Hectic life we live today, 100 % users will prefer apps that make life easier. So, those apps that are difficult, might be left in the basket.

Better Security with Face Unlock

That’s been a long time since September 2017, when Apple launched Face Unlock based on AI. The innovation was warmly welcomed by the users, and looks like it’s not going anywhere. The idea behind this concept is to strengthen security through facial data. Every user has unique facial data that can’t be copied. The AI-based algorithm identifies the user’s facial landmarks and if the similarity is detected, the phone gets unlocked.

better security in mobile apps

Source: Unsplash

To Draw the Line

In the years to come, AI will only continue to impact mobile app development. To be able to compete on the market, business owners have to offer plenty of benefits of mobile applications for consumers. And AI can help them with that. Leveraging the tech into an app, a business owner can count on better overall app productivity, user experience and engagement, and increased sales.

Let’s Develop AI-Enabled Mobile Apps Together

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