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Top 11 applications of artificial intelligence in entertainment

20 December 2022
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The AI industry is flourishing, and experts across various sectors, such as movie production, game development, advertising, and the entertainment system, all agree that artificial intelligence and AI applications in entertainment unleash a unique approach to creativity.

Many organizations from the entertainment industry are using AI applications in entertainment to create high-quality content to cater to viewer demand. Giants in the entertainment industry, like Disney, Google, Microsoft, Intel, and more, are heavily involved in building and fine-tuning AI innovations in the entertainment field.

In this post, we’ll talk about the applications of AI in the entertainment industry:

AI applications in entertainment

Artificial intelligence in the media and entertainment industry is helping media companies enhance their services and customer experience. Here are the applications of AI in the entertainment industry:

User experience and personalization

Because of intense competition, engaging customers for extended periods and boosting brand credibility can be challenging for media companies.

AI in media and entertainment can boost customer experience and ensure personalization. Other entertainment channels also use AI to provide personalized service to billions of users using their online services. Working with the best landing page builders to personalize your content is also key.

Content personalization

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Search optimization

With so much information that’s available online, it can be challenging to find what you want to find. The application of AI in entertainment allows you to look up more reliable search results.

In the entertainment industry, some programs make movie analysis more durable. Back then, one needed to pick and classify a movie, which took time manually. You can make this possible by introducing AI, and it works wonders.

Text optimization

AI-powered search engines allow brand owners to pay extra attention to how content is organized on sites if they want a system that shows the right content to users.

Online advertising with the targeted audience

Another application of AI in entertainment is online ads. Online advertisements play a significant role in branding and business promotions in the media industry. AI is utilized to make online advertising more efficient and productive with targeted audiences for higher conversion rates.

The best example is Google Adwords and Adsense, which can use the user’s history to look up products they’re searching for and browsing on the internet or E-commerce sites.

Online adss

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This AI-based sensing allows AI to display ads based on the user’s preferences. This helps advertisers target the right people, delivering personalized content to get the maximum output from these ads.

Automated transcription and subtitles

Furthermore, AI-based technologies like natural language processing that uses machine learning and deep learning are used in transcribing movies, music videos, and TV episodes in different languages.

Usually, movies are translated into different languages with audio annotations and subtitles, making them more accessible to a broader audience, and boosting user interaction.

Movie transcription

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Reporting automation

AI automates minute-to-minute and day-to-day operations and helps media companies make strategic business decisions in the long run. Learn about the importance of corporate AI.

Predictive analytics

In the same way, predictive analysis can also be used to find material picked by your audience to analyze media content.

Recommender systems

It helps predict what type of items users prefer. This can be handled directly based on the dataset gathered in the information collection phase, which could either be memory-based or model based on the observed activities of the user in the system.

Video games

AI is also frequently used in games to control non-player characters, also known as NPCs. Usually, an NPC to the player’s actions and movements.

In a first-person shooter, NPCs shoot when they see a player and then retreat after being attacked. The involvement of AI in modern games is also even more crucial. It analyzes the action of the player and even predicts their moves. AI models also identify changes in the person’s behavior in particular scenarios.

Video games

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Using this technology, non-player characters in the game could adapt to the player’s behavior in open-world games. As a result, playing video games becomes a more immersive, unique, and interesting experience.


Customer service is also as vital in the online world as in the physical world. However, the quality was sore until the idea of virtual assistants and chatbots came along.

As a result, more and more OTT platforms, streaming services, etc., are incorporating chatbots.
AI-driven chatbots address various customer issues and gather critical information like essential questions, preferences, and so on to help companies adapt to their business models and strategies.

AR/VR app development

AI based technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are projected to increase both in the media and entertainment space. With the rise of gaming apps, the scope for both AR and VR in the entertainment industry is relatively high.

Motion pictures

There’s no doubt that virtual reality content development for reality shows, food shows, and live events and programs based on AI manages to draw consumers’ attention.

With these advanced technologies, watching movies and shows with real impact wouldn’t just be a dream, but it is undoubtedly possible in the future.

Controlling the online content broadcasting

Online content in the media and entertainment industry is run with various types of content. Aside from general topics and familiar subjects, this content is also shown on TV, OTT platforms, and online music channels.

Controlling these types of content is mandatory for the regulatory authorities. That’s where AI comes in by detecting and filtering objectionable content.

AI in the entertainment industry helps identify the user’s age and gender by showing the content or using a content moderation service to moderate objectionable content before broadcasting it with the audience category ratings – which are suitable for children and which content is only for adults.

Online content

Source: Unsplash

Using social media for sentiment analysis

Social media platforms and messaging apps provide an accessible place for users to share their views and options on particular topics. Analyzing discussions on a specific age group or people from different demographics and regions offers valuable insights.

Sentiment analysis

Once information is collected, it’s then used for machine learning to develop an AI model that analyzes the sentiments and feelings of people interacting with each other on these platforms. If you want to know more, and maximize Big data development, then we suggest that you seek out reputable Big data analysis services to work with.

The bottom line

Undoubtedly, AI is a powerful tool that will help reshape the entertainment industry. It won’t be long before this highly interactive and immersive experience becomes widely available.

Technology creates a new kind of reality where those in the entertainment industry can adopt highly innovative approaches to creating, producing, and interacting with customers.

As we’ve discussed, implementing AI in the entertainment industry will change the landscape of the field. It will improve the services media companies offer and enhance customer experience simultaneously.

AI solutions for entertainment

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