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AI trends 2024

23 May 2024

AI can already be considered a reliable partner, to whom businesses transfer more and more responsibilities every year. Corporations of all levels use tools and follow AI trends 2024 to recruit staff, increase engagement, and refine SEO strategies, and its role continues to grow. McKinsey & Company’s research suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) applications could significantly boost the global economy, with an expected annual impact ranging from Imagine this – a whopping jump $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion. Pulled from the rich tapestry of business uses, this concept stands out.

AI trends
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Following a pivotal year for AI in 2023, 2024 is set to witness even greater advancements. You can already get acquainted with the technology trends report 2023-2024 and compare which areas continue to develop. With generative AI having entered the professional consciousness over the past twelve months, employees are not just more aware of AI’s significance in today’s work environment, but they are also ready to leverage the opportunities and transformations it promises. Now is a good time to get acquainted with artificial intelligence trends.

What are the trends in artificial intelligence?

Whether we like it or not, AI is a trending direction. If you look at AI business use cases, almost all complex functions use AI models and machine learning. It is not so important whether we are talking about AI trends in the field of solving mathematical problems or predicting monthly female cycles. The ongoing movement in the field of artificial intelligence software development indicates that such shifts are not temporary, but will be with us for a long time.

All the latest trends in artificial intelligence that you can think of are already taking hold in society. A simple example, think about Tesla’s Autopilot. This modern AI trend seemed impossible just 7 years ago. Today, the AI trend on autopilot is moving into airplanes, scooters, radio-controlled cars, etc. In short, artificial intelligence trends are the directions in which artificial intelligence will move. We can track this through the generative AI tools that have been released recently.

Artificial intelligence trends 2024

When we talk about generative AI market and trends, we are simply looking at which niches are currently receiving the most money from leading companies. It is obvious that artificial intelligence consulting for business will flourish and specialists will be needed. However, knowing about trends and the ability to choose the right AI app trend are also valuable skills for a manager or business owner. Without a basic understanding of trend AI, it will be difficult to understand.

  1. Multimodal AI

    Imagine AI not just reading text or analyzing images separately but combining these elements—just as we do. Welcome to the world of Multimodal AI, a cutting-edge technology bringing us closer to how humans naturally interact with the world. By integrating inputs like text, visuals, and sounds, these AI systems are becoming savvier by the day. There is no doubt that among AI trends for 2024, multimodal artificial intelligence will be a favorite.

    Multi-modal AI

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    OpenAI’s latest marvel, the GPT-4, is a real game-changer! It can do amazing stuff like looking at what’s in your refrigerator through a photo and then proposing a yummy recipe for you. And it doesn’t stop there! You can even talk to it, ask questions, and get responses like you’re chatting with a friend. All this is part of making AI a more natural part of our everyday lives, helping, and interacting with us in more intuitive ways.

  2. Open-source AI models

    Open-source AI technology is the next stage of development in the business world, and 2024 will demonstrate this. Imagine being able to tap into powerful AI without starting from scratch – that’s what’s happening thanks to some groundbreaking collaborations. When approached from the perspective of resource management efficiency and business profitability, AI can make operations not only leaner and more efficient but also more tailored to the shape and vision of the enterprise.

    Setting the pace, IBM gifts the world with trailblazing open-source projects that are free for all. In a standout move, they’ve joined forces with none other than NASA. Together, they’re making waves with the geospatial AI foundation model on the Hugging Face platform – which is like the social network for AI models. This is currently the largest model available. It even provides access to NASA’s rich repository of earth science treasures.

    What does this mean for us? Well, generative AI in education is a powerhouse when it comes to understanding our planet, especially for spotting climate change and advancing important research. Spotting shifts in our environment or advancing groundbreaking studies? Here’s where its strengths lie, making it essential for anyone looking to understand Earth better.

    Thanks to IBM and NASA sharing their newfangled approach on Hugging Face, stepping into the ring to fight global warming just got easier for everyone. This model outperforms existing techniques by 15% and requires only half the amount of specific data usually needed. Imagine being able to watch over forests vanishing into thin air, predict your harvest’s bounty, and even spy on those sneaky greenhouse gasses – that’s what we’re talking about here.

  3. Agentic AI

    Agentic AI represents a leap forward, transitioning from AI that simply reacts to AI that initiates action. These AI agents are sophisticated systems characterized by their independence, forward-thinking nature, and capacity for autonomous action. They move beyond conventional AI, which typically responds to human commands and follows explicit instructions, by being equipped to comprehend their surroundings, establish their own goals, and act upon those aims without human guidance.

    Take environmental monitoring as an example. An AI agent could be programmed not just to gather and analyze environmental data but to recognize potential threats, such as the early indicators of a wildfire, and autonomously take preventative steps. Similarly, in the financial sector, an AI agent could oversee an investment portfolio, deftly adjusting its tactics in accordance with the dynamic nature of the stock market, all in real-time.

  4. Increasing the impact of AI on cybersecurity

    Among the 2024 AI trends, there are also some concerns. Well, artificial intelligence current trends in the field of cybersecurity are now relevant. Hackers use AI technology to increase their reach to their victims and improve the accuracy of predicting their actions. However, AI powered antivirus applications are also gaining popularity. Nowadays, trending artificial intelligence antivirus software can analyze more data and more accurately identify viruses.

    Cyber security

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    What do we get as a result? Current trends in artificial intelligence in the field of cybersecurity give some uncertainty. Both hackers and antivirus companies have a powerful tool in their hands. It is not yet clear who is winning. All the same, we will largely rely on our own strengths to protect ourselves from hackers and, secondarily, on generative AI systems. AI adoption for your business is also a proven cyber defense tactic. Against the backdrop of growing trends in artificial intelligence, this may be the best approach.

    If you are not 100% confident in your abilities, it is better to study self-defense methods. By the way, in Europe and the USA, there are instructions from government agencies on this topic. If you need tips for unblocking websites, please refer to the guide. These authoritative resources will help you understand how AI acts and how to counteract AI-generated software.

AI marketing trends 2024

Marketing always involves processing large amounts of data and this is the strength of AI. More and more companies are choosing AI management consulting and AI-based solutions. This is not just an accident, because AI consultancy can significantly optimize costs and efficiency of efforts. The following trends will be key in this marketing direction.

  1. Advanced targeting

    Obviously, targeting is the most important among AI trends for marketing. Businesses are always looking to expand their reach and reach the “right” people. Any predictions for 2024 imply that AI can process huge amounts of data, which is extremely useful in targeting. This year for AI will be as favorable as possible and marketers will not miss the opportunity to optimize their marketing budgets. Moreover, the current state of AI and big data analytics makes it possible to achieve the goal.

  2. More capable chatbots

    The latest AI developments are empowering chatbots to handle complex customer inquiries, covering a wide range of topics related to products and services. With this enhanced capability, AI chatbots can seamlessly navigate site visitors through your online content and, more importantly, through the sales funnel itself.

    Chatbots use

  3. AI-powered personalization

    AI has become pivotal in transforming the landscape of marketing, introducing vast opportunities for highly personalized interactions across a broader audience. The critical element lies in scalability. AI-infused technologies have become integral in reshaping the approach to customer data analysis, preference prediction, and the customization of content geared towards individual consumer interests.

    A key area where AI is making significant strides in marketing is through the deployment of chatbots. AI сhatbot development services have become more in demand. This is understandable; you don’t need to give any bold predictions for AI to understand the prospects of this direction.

  4. Improved decision-making

    The trajectory of AI development suggests that 2024 will be a landmark year for technological enhancements. This is particularly advantageous for smaller enterprises striving to match the pace of their larger counterparts. If you’re at the helm of a compact AI team, this evens out the competitive landscape and presents significant opportunities.

    However, with greater accessibility to advanced AI tools comes heightened competition. A level playing field ensures that every player, regardless of size, has a fair shot at success. Now is the time to acquaint yourself with AI innovations. AI and decision-making are becoming inextricable. Swiftly integrating these tools into your marketing research workflows can position you as a frontrunner in the rapidly evolving digital arena of 2024. Yet, amidst this AI adoption, uphold the gold standard of content quality. Meticulously verify the data and insights collected from AI resources to ensure integrity and accuracy in all your endeavors.

AI future predictions by 2030

Obviously, predictions for 2024 will be more accurate compared to AI predictions for longer distances. However, understanding current trends in artificial intelligence gives an idea of the direction in which AI is developing. This makes it possible to make more accurate global predictions and assume the emergence or mass distribution of AI innovations.

  1. Humanoid robots will become reality

    We’ve seen generative AI development that can engage in deep conversations across various subjects, generate videos on demand, or craft intricate software codes – milestones that mark significant progress in the sphere of artificial intelligence. However, these developments have been restricted to the realm of software, to the intricate dance of bits and bytes.

    Yet, there stands another frontier poised for transformation by the avant-garde AI of our era — the tangible world, the domain of matter and substance. Robotics is not new to us — the discipline has existed for scores of years. The globe is speckled with millions of robots, automating myriad forms of physical tasks.

    Despite this, the robotics of our time demonstrate a narrow set of skills and possess a semblance of intelligence. These machines are typically engineered with a singular purpose in mind — be it maneuvering cartons within storerooms, executing distinct manufacturing operations, or keeping our floors debris-free. They lack the sophisticated versatility and broad comprehension that characterizes expansive language models such as ChatGPT.

    AI robots

    Source: Unsplash

  2. AI-driven job loss

    Concerns around employment displacement due to advancements in technology are not new—these concerns have been echoing since the Industrial Revolution and the resistance by the Luddites. Similarly, the advent of Artificial Intelligence has sparked debates about its potential impact on jobs. Up until now, the discourse surrounding AI’s effect on the labor market has largely remained theoretical and skewed toward future speculation, largely contained within academic circles and policy institutions.

    However, the situation is set to shift much more rapidly than the majority of people realize. By the end of this decade, job displacement caused by AI will become a tangible and urgent issue affecting the daily lives of the general populace. There are already early warning signs. For example, just last month, financial technology leader Klarna revealed that their latest customer service AI has taken over the tasks of 700 of its staff members. Similarly, Turnitin, a company that specializes in plagiarism detection, has anticipated a 20% reduction in its workforce within the next year and a half, attributing this change to breakthroughs in AI technology.

  3. More AI diversity in everyday life

    By the time we hit the year 2030, the presence of artificial intelligence (AI) is going to be a game-changer for businesses everywhere. Let’s welcome the idea that soon enough, artificial intelligence will be woven into our routines – boosting human imagination while simplifying previously baffling technological hurdles. The future looks like a blend of our brains with the edge that AI brings to the table. The number of AI business solutions will grow every year, and we may not even notice how closely we will let AI into our lives.

    Currently, we’re all witnesses to how clever AI operates within the sphere of creativity. Dive with me into a world where AI tools are completely changing how creativity flows in their industry.

    1. Think of it this way – you sketch, and like magic, VizCom polishes those ideas to shine brightly.
    2. With ArtBreeder, watch as your ordinary snapshots become extraordinary pieces of art through the wonders of AI.
    3. Imagine having a helper who turns your words into clearer, flowing prose. That’s what WordTune does.


The listed AI trends for 2024 have already been formed and are developing. This is not so much 2024 AI predictions as the result of a niche analysis. The formed trends for 2024 are already noticeable, companies are working in these directions and progress is noticeable with the naked eye.

Of course, AI predictions for the future may be less accurate, but with a high probability, we will see exactly these shifts in society. Currently, developments are already underway in the field of data quality, creating more advanced machine learning models and processing a huge amount of information in real time. All this will result in the emergence of robots, job cuts, and so on. All that remains is to implement the listed AI capabilities and hone the large language models. However, we are not talking about whether there will be similar trends in AI; we are only talking about when these trends in AI will come into our lives.

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