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AI marketing solutions: renovation path of modern businesses

17 November 2022
AI marketing solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the future game changers that is widely used and valuable for many businesses. This technology has found its application in a massive number of modern demanded industries.

AI entertainment, medicine, retail, travel, banking, as well as logistics software development cannot do without this technology’s capabilities to make businesses remain in demand and competitive in the market by delivering flawless customer experience to their customer base.

Digital marketing is one such domain that follows the renovation path and requires Artificial Intelligence capabilities as well. This post will disclose one of the major future game changers of business expansion tools – Artificial Intelligence, its fundamental values, and strategies for this technology’s adoption.

AI marketing solutions: principles, concept, notion

There are many different definitions of the term, but the basic idea of this technological innovation remains clear. AI is designed to mimic the human mind, particularly cognitive functions such as learning and problem-solving.

AI adoption

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The main task of marketing and sales specialists is to correctly and effectively promote the company’s products on the market, making competent use of human, information, and financial resources.

And if a few years ago many operations were performed manually, today everything is changing dramatically. Marketers study digital tools and actively use them to track site traffic indexes, customer feedback, and other indicators that will help them understand, for example, which channels to use and which advertising to run in order to increase sales. This intelligent behavior comes not only from programming-based algorithms but also from obligatory AI and machine learning for marketing.

AI marketing tech

What is more, Artificial Intelligence techniques eliminate the risks associated with human error and increase the efficiency of existing processes by minimizing manual labor. Therefore, the use of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has become an almost necessary means of modern promotion. Many organizations are adopting digital best practices into their operations. More and more business leaders agree that using AI allows companies to maintain a competitive edge.

In essence, Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions apply client-related data to get an excellent observation of the users’ requirements, challenges, and behavior patterns. These insights are advantageous to maximize the user satisfaction rate within the service experience.

Task management

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Coming in handy for marketing departments, Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions are leveraged to extend the current staff, obtaining flawless and precise execution with no human assistance engagement. Besides, you may consider adopting cognitive computing, which is the new era of AI that may be applied to efficiently extract and process the data from its loads of various formats.

Use cases and statistics of Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions:

  • Researching the data. Gathering, organizing, and exploring the vast information loads associated with advertising activities which could have been performed with the hell of human assistance
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP). Implementation of performance, communication, and interactions similar to the live one. For this, using Artificial Intelligence game changer in combination with their marketing strategies, many companies opt for bots and provide an individual approach to each consumer.
  • Advertisement and rentability. Forecasting the most fruitful promotions posting and marketing activities performed for companies aiming at marketing plan return on investment (ROI) growth.
  • Robotized strategy creation. AI solutions for marketing are the perfect way to streamline the plan development for the business advertisement according to the assembled data and the patterns of its history.
  • Relevant content delivery. Analyzing which type of content is relevant for the audience and developing the content of the appropriate type: mailing lists, articles, posts, shootings, videos, etc.
  • Instant individual approach. AI solutions for marketing help determine and track the preferences of consumers to design personalized mailings, suggestions, and individual recommendations based on previous experience. This helps raise sales by attracting and retaining the audience for the business, making Artificial Intelligence game changer for digital marketing.

Marketing AI solutions: key models

We may conclude that AI solutions for marketing play a fundamental part in becoming competitive and sought-after. With this technology, the vast amounts of data assembled within the customer-business relationship can deliver maximal use by building the proper marketing campaigns strategy and bringing a higher competitiveness level to the brand.

Strategy discussion

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Big Data, Machine Learning and AI processing tools have become more accessible, and even those employees who do not like working with numbers are ready to start leveraging innovative technologies. Below we’ve outlined the types of AI tools to apply to renovate your business and optimize its internal processes:

Machine Learning

Currently, Machine Learning algorithms are considered to be the one more game changer digital marketing makes use of. This technology is a subtype of AI; ML solutions development delivers self-trains from experience. It works so that the program analyzes huge arrays of input data and finds patterns in them to provide the clearest predictions possible. You may use machine-learning consulting services to find out the most relevant adoption strategies for your business.

Big data solutions

Big Data is a variety of methods for processing large amounts of structured and unstructured data in order to use it to solve various problems, serving as a great tool for marketing solutions.

BIg data marketing

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The term Big Data first appeared in 2008. It was introduced by Nature editor Clifford Lynch. This notion was used in a special issue of the journal, which was dedicated to the active growth of the volume of information around the world. Nowadays, it has gained popularity across numerous sectors, becoming a game changer digital marketing can’t do without.

AI marketing instruments

AI in marketing delivers special instruments that enable robotized decision-making processes founded on the information gathered and processed afore. This gives a more broad view of economic trends that may impact marketing activities. It is often used in marketing initiatives where speed is critical.

AI in marketing

The vast range of modern promoters uses AI solutions for marketing to augment marketing teams or perform more tactical actions that require a less human skill. For this, there is a range of AI-powered platforms that allow getting maximal benefits from the described technology.

Artificial Intelligence: marketing’s game changer values

Digital marketing has been radically modified – previously, it was product-oriented, but now it is customer-oriented. The development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies played a key role in this. Let’s define which vital peculiarities bring such benefits to the marketing industry and how they can bring the business to a whole new level.

Return on investment growth

In the case with the correct Artificial Intelligence implementation, you are able to renovate the marketing plan creation and retrieve significant analytics concerning interactions with customers. By doing this, you are able to determine new business models, monetization strategies, and methods of promotion to get competitive advantages within the market of your industry.

Enhanced client interactions and more individual approach

Personalized interactions and business-customer relationships improve and evolve with AI, helping to engage and retain the target audience. A high degree of personalization and communication with the customer enhances the overall experience of the service and product of the business, which increases your competitiveness and company demand.

Customer service enhancement

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Refined efficiency tracking

A huge number of entities experience issues related to the need to structure and clean the marketing data. With AI software, you are able to get a precise and detailed overview of the efficiency of the campaign. The generated report is able to provide details concerning how successful and relevant advertising strategies are, as well as what value streams are the most promising for your specific case.

Rapid decision-making process

Growth marketing AI solutions are conditioned by the capability to obtain precise forecasts within a shorter time period. This is due to the fact that AI streamlines the decision-making process and assists in creating a proper strategy for marketing campaigns. When applying this game changer digital marketing plan becomes precise and fruitful.

Artificial Intelligence serves as a robust assistant that eliminates the need to wait for the finish line of particular marketing activity, allowing you to track the data in the present second and draw conclusions based on it.

Better decision making

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Pitfalls and obstacles of AI marketing solutions

State-of-the-art advertising strategies for digital marketing come hand in hand with marketing solutions AI delivers. This is due to the fact that the more companies know about customers, the better the business-customer relationship becomes. However, brand promotion departments are faced with common challenges that make it difficult to work with Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions.

The adoption of this technology to create a proper marketing strategy is a complex process, so you should be aware of the common pitfalls your team may experience during its fulfillment.

Integration into business, training, and data filtering

When applying AI solutions for marketing, you should be aware of the fact that such a tool requires a certain amount of training time, as with the manual option. The Artificial Intelligence game changer begins to bring innovation to the business after a sufficient amount of training, which includes operational aims setting, defining the general scope, and outlining the capacity.

Besides, the quality of information determines the efficiency of AI solutions for marketing. Therefore, it is integral to set your AI tools to analyze precise and valuable data for maximally accurate predictive analytics, enhanced customer service delivery, appropriate marketing campaigns, and content creation.

Data security

Target audiences accompanied by the governing parties predetermine a high level of privacy and inviolability of data for customer data insights with marketing analytics.

To minimize security-related risks, you should think over the user’s privacy. This level requires meeting GDPR regulations to successfully apply Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions, avoiding substantial financial losses, spoiled trustworthiness, and law-related issues.

Data security

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Easily trackable KPIs

Having AI marketing solution tools, you may face difficulties in bringing transparency into your productivity monitoring due to its uncountability. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are simpler to monitor and observe, but this option is unavailable when it comes to AI for marketing solutions.

Due to this fact, it may be complicated to demonstrate the effectiveness of the described technology and get a precise view of its effectiveness.

Onboarding and processes guidance

Due to the fact that AI is a relatively recent solution on the market, software engineers are still in the phase of setting the marketing departments’ roadmaps for the primary step of this technology adoption. Each marketing specialist should consider the Artificial Intelligence adoption as a drastic modification of the workflow on a long-term basis.

Onboarding process

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How to use AI marketing solutions

Building the right implementation strategy is the key to success in adapting your internal business processes to AI marketing solutions. With the right roadmap, you can minimize the training time required for employees and the investment in development. The following list indicates the steps to take required to consider and fulfill for seamless marketing solutions AI adoption:

Set objectives

When talking about Artificial Intelligence marketing solutions, we may define that it requires composing precise aims that the product should fulfill. For this, it would be wise to detect sectors within marketing strategies that should be renovated and which KPIs can help measure its progress. During this stage, you will be able to come up with new renovation strategies and get a more precise view of which issues your company experiences.

Select an AI platform

The space for using Artificial Intelligence to promote companies is incredibly wide. Small businesses with limited resources can choose tools that help expand advertising opportunities. Larger companies that want to gain an edge over their competitors use AI tools.

While neural networks and other complex forms of Artificial Intelligence are not in favor of marketers who can’t take advantage of their potential, companies already using AI are highlighting several of the industry’s mastheads.

AI implementation

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Clearly, implementing just one such tool won’t do wonders for your marketing strategy. You need a comprehensive use of valuable features and the according choice of the most relevant model for your business.

Comply with data protection guidelines

As part of the digital promotion activities, you should cater to customer security and compliance with essential guidelines required to meet the highest privacy and security grade. By doing this, you provide for customer safety, making the flow of data processing reliable and secure. Without this point, your solution won’t operate on a legal level.

Hire appropriate competence for AI

The crucial point to consider when it comes to AI implementation into the marketing processes is hiring the appropriate competence. AI in marketing predetermines conducting interviews for AI marketing expert employment.

AI experts

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In addition, you will need a solid technical vendor with experience in developing such solutions, as well as experts for filtering and structuring the data. For this, you may benefit from data science company opportunities. This entails some time costs.

Attention to the data grade

AI helps marketing strategy in case data quality and precision is sufficient. Therefore, this principle works both ways: in case the data is well-structured, precise, filtered, and has all flaws eliminated, the analysis outcomes you get will be powerful, solid, and proper. On the other hand, in case the data is poorly-organized, insufficiently clear, and comprises errors, the results of the AI performance will be affected.

Besides, it may influence the entire business by resulting in incorrect decision-making, incorrect analysis, and irrelevant marketing strategy creation. To avoid this huge pitfall, you should maintain the vast loads of gathered data to a high standard. The following points define which characteristics you should consider to keep your data useful and make it work for your business:


Wrapping up

Artificial intelligence marketing solutions are a robust way of delivering a broad spectrum of capabilities for the company’s advertising and promotional activities. You are able to gather the utter data concerning your clients as well as their behavior, get precise forecasts, and obtain a wide view of the market with its tendencies. AI is becoming more accessible to businesses every day, making it a valuable tool for digital marketers. Artificial Intelligence greatly influences customer choice, helping to provide relevant recommendations and timely service. If you want to grow your brand and meet customer expectations, exploring the power of AI and how to use it is exactly where you need to start.

However, the implementation of marketing analytics for AI solutions requires a high level of tech qualification. Due to this fact, you should be very scrupulous when it comes to the process of choosing a software development vendor. With the right tech partner, you’ll get proper consultation on the relevant AI model as well as the correct pipeline to smoothly integrate it with your business processes, build a potent marketing strategy, and grow your business rentability.

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Yuliya Melnik is a technical writer at Cleveroad. She is passionate about innovative technologies that make the world a better place and loves creating content that evokes vivid emotions.

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