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AI In Web Development: Will Web Development Be Replaced By AI?

17 August 2021
ai in web development

The world-famous science fiction movie, “The Matrix” showed us a fictional world where Artificial Intelligence (AI) controlled the planet. The movie explored what our world would be like if AI took over everything. However, you don’t need a movie anymore to show you how data science and artificial intelligence (AI) could change everything. It’s already here and is already being adapted in major industries globally.

But it’s not how we thought it would be (robots ruling over humans), at least not yet, and hopefully never! AI in business is empowering various fields like blockchain, education, website development, banking, data science, etc. by streamlining manual processes and making our lives easier. It has made business processes much simpler and efficient, proving as a cost-effective solution for various businesses.

AI is especially disrupting the web development world today. For instance, iRingg is an iOS ringtone maker application for desktops that is built on machine learning. This tool identifies the user’s listening habits and based on the data collected, suggests music that you might like as your ringtone. How cool, right?

Website development and AI have been working co-dependently to ease time-consuming tasks. And this fact has developers concerned about them being replaced by AI. But before we get into exploring whether web development would be replaced by AI, let’s take a closer look at the use of AI in web development.

How to Use AI in Web Development

The role of AI in web development cannot go unnoticed. Today, web app development has grown to an extent that it has given birth to whole new industries related to the field. Website developers compete in offering customers highly personalized and enhanced experiences which are achieved by using AI in web development.

how to use ai in web development

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The way we search things on search engines has changed dramatically. For instance, many people prefer voice searches via Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Therefore, using AI-powered solutions allows businesses to implement user-centric innovations that improve user experience and increase customer interaction. For instance, E-commerce websites now use AI tools like voice-based search results and AI-based chatbots to improve user experience.

Some uses of AI for web development include:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Website Development

Artificial intelligence is being widely used by web app development companies to simplify the development process. These companies use an algorithm that constructs websites and assists developers by giving website design and layout suggestions. It gives real-time suggestions for the development process.

2. Stimulating Customer Engagement

AI enables website developers to add AI-powered chatbots and communication tools to enhance customer experience and induce engagement. These chatbots stimulate real conversations and have easily replaced customer service specialists. They also guide customers about taking action and increasing their participation on your website as a result of quick response times.

3. Faster Coding

Those days are long gone when coding was considered difficult. With AI assisting in web development, code is way easier and faster. Artificial Intelligence in web development automates various processes and enables developers to create code more easily. Automated coding has massively cut down turnaround times and has enabled developers to build more intuitive apps in a short timeframe.

stimulating customer engagement in webdev

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4. Conduct Customer Behavior Analysis

AI empowers website owners and E-commerce businesses to analyze customer’s behavior by monitoring their daily activity on the platforms. Additionally, it has provided a customization experience to website owners and customers where they can use visual AI to make informed purchases. Image recognition allows businesses to remove inappropriate content and counterfeit products from their platforms that are uploaded as fake reviews by so-called customers.

5. Quality Assurance

Quality assurance and maintenance can get quite tedious if you are a web development business. But these monotonous tasks can now be performed with AI algorithms. These algorithms improve the speed and performance of your websites and also help you collect data and inferences.

6. AI Research

In addition to machine learning, AI research makes it easier for businesses to research new methods of improving their products and services. It performs the tiresome job of researching by using technologies like facial recognition and visual search to quickly scan or search for anything. This computer vision technology allows you to automatically detect and recognize any object or person.

7. Personalized User Experience (UX)

Thanks to AI-powered websites, businesses can now offer a unique and personalized experience to all visitors, taking their participation to a whole new level. This engaging experience makes visitors feel more valued and at liberty when using a website.

ai research

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Artificial Intelligence Tools for Web Development

AI and machine learning in web development have automated many design and development processes of websites. In the following section, we list down the most popular AI tools that have revolutionized web development:


TensorFlow is one of the most popular AI frameworks among web developers. This machine learning tool can easily carry out complex numerical computations. It features a high-performance architecture that makes it easy to install complex computations across servers, computers, and phones.
The best part about TensorFlow is that it is regularly updated and fixed, which allows developers to benefit from an evergreen ecosystem that offers solutions to complex, real-world problems.

Wix Website Builder

You may have definitely seen a YouTube ad for Wix website builder by now. This custom web development tool single-handedly builds an entire website based on the info that’s fed to it. What’s more, this tool offers billions of design suggestions to choose from and changes its operations based on whatever style and options you choose.

will ai take over web development

Source: Unsplash

Adobe Sensei

Following the AI trends, Adobe rolled out Adobe Sensei, an AI tool that automates design to create better designs in a lesser time period. This tool is quite handy for web designing as it automatically identifies the patterns in an image and manipulates them, cutting down hours of manual editing. It also assists web designers with patching processes to accelerate workflows by a huge percentage.


Firedrop is another website development tool that uses machine learning to assign all operations to an AI-powered chatbot called Sacha. The AI assistant Sacha requires answers from the users about previously defined questions after which it leads them through the entire web development process. It empowers enterprises to create more websites in a lesser timeframe.

These and many more AI-driven tools are rapidly changing the web development industry, which makes us wonder whether learning AI has become a must for web developers. To find your answer, read on.

Should Web Developers Learn AI?

The unprecedented growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made it necessary for web development students and professionals to learn AI. The field is expected to affect almost 75% of customer communications in the future as it has enabled websites to have an efficient user interface to allow seamless customer interactions.

Since every web development company aims to maximize customer interaction, it’s only natural that the majority of the enterprises would soon adopt artificial intelligence for web development. Whether it’s an eCommerce website, a healthcare website, or an educational platform, chatbots have already minimized the need for human agents. In the near future, this involvement of AI is only predicted to grow exponentially, transforming the way customers interact with businesses.

should web developers learn ai

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Since more and more customers prefer to engage online, businesses are integrating AI in their web development processes to offer an optimized customer experience. Therefore, web development businesses and enterprises are always in search of web developers who are well versed with AI and machine learning. They look for personnel who can easily integrate AI tools into website design and development. So it has become vital for web developers to learn AI, in order to excel in their careers.

Will AI Take Over Web Development?

Web development and AI have been working interdependently for a while now. But to think that AI would take over web development, the idea seems quite far-fetched. Although the tools mentioned above can aid in the website development and design process, they can never truly replace the web development industry.

AI tools have major shortcomings that keep them from independently designing and developing websites. It only services as a catalyst for the web development industry to save time and physical labor when developing websites. Because these tools can never measure up to the capabilities that a human has. They can only empower them.

Therefore, instead of seeing AI as a threat that might replace web development, businesses should view AI as an empowering tool that can aid in everyday tasks that require time and effort.

Will Backend Developers Be Replaced By AI?

A backend developer deals with the critical technical aspects of a website that keep it running smoothly for the user. Their tasks involve writing codes, maintaining database records, processing payments, and taking care of the back-end operations.

Their tasks are critical, safe, repeatable, and prescribable. Therefore, assigning these crucial tasks to AI models would be highly risky. Because if a problem occurs or the website isn’t running as it should, it would be a back-end developer who re-codes the entire system manually.

Therefore, the idea that backend developers would be replaced by AI is far-fetched. AI cannot replace 100% of their jobs. It can only do a small percentage of their tasks that involve monotonous work like coding. You will always need back-end developers for the majority of their tasks.

Will AI Take Over Frontend Developer?

Although there are many website builders like Wix operational today, these AI tools can never replace how a talented frontend developer does their work. While these AI models can churn out beautiful and functional websites with the help of auto-generated code, they can never make additions and changes that are envisioned by a human. Therefore AI can never replace frontend developers, and there are many reasons why.

customer behavior analysis

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Here’s a list of reasons why AI tools can never replace human developers:

  • AI tools can never develop websites that can outgrow human comprehension related to optimized coding.
  • AI models cannot produce perfect UI and UX websites that are free of bugs and glitches.
  • They cannot produce images with complex customization and details.
  • They cannot consistently produce websites with unique designs as the websites produced by AI tools are repetitive.
  • They cannot give results without needing human assistance.

Bottom Line

Although web development and AI have been working co-dependently, there’s no reason for website developers and designers to feel a threat from artificial intelligence. AI can never replace the ideas of the human mind. It can only perform repetitive and monotonous tasks.

However, it’s crucial for website designers and developers to learn about artificial intelligence in order to truly utilize what it has to offer. Because in the near future, AI would be a bigger part of web development, considering how fast it’s growing. Therefore, being well versed in the field has now become essential for aspiring web developers.

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