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AI in Influencer Marketing and How You Can Benefit from It

24 December 2019
Artificial intelligence in influencer marketing

Influencers generate opinions and impact the public acting as a powerful force to be reckoned with. Like trendsetters, they have broad and loyal audiences. Influencers are more than popular bloggers: they are a consumer’s best friend worth listening to and following.

Mostly, influencers are sharply segmented by niches, which makes them a perfect marketing tool for brand promotion. And having a competent personalized marketing strategy, you can promote anything from a product or service to a personal brand.

Influencer marketing may be costly enough, but the conversion will be much higher than from a short-term renting of a place for your ad. Yet, you need to go about vetting influencers carefully to make sure your investments will pay off.

For that reason, adopting artificial intelligence (AI) for influencer marketing is your best chance. By automating influencer search and analytics, you can retrieve digested information on where and whom to look for in the sea of influencer profiles. As a provider of a powerful tool for influencer marketing, we want to shed some light on the role AI plays in it.

What AI is in Reality

There is a lot of hype around AI, and often early adopters and technology enthusiasts exaggerate the capacity of technology. But one thing is for sure: AI processes data at a level impossible for human capabilities.

Scalable and customizable as they are, AI solutions cannot replace human employees. Running your business in the field of influence marketing, you should take into account that human interaction is vitally important. AI can provide your team with comprehensive data and assist in influencer analytics.

Algorithms can give you clues about where to find some best content creators and promoters for your brand. So, you would better treat AI as a cutting-edge tool enabling your team to focus more on creative activities and data-driven strategies.

Can Influencer Marketing be Fully Automated?

For better or worse, it will not. Above all, influencers are humans who are at the forefront of new trends, brands, and consumer tastes. Their brand affinity, the quality of content, and the number of posts within a time frame empower them to generate opinions that can be of value for brands. Another factor is that many so-called influencers are trying to make their way through to get to the top. Brand representatives are fed up with fake engagements, non-existing products, social bots, and other kinds of fakes that automation reinforces. Human-to-human relations will remain the core value, even for AI-driven influencer marketing.

Experts from Mediakix conducted a survey that revealed the marketers’ attitude towards influencer marketing automation.

Influencer marketing automation survey


The overwhelming majority responded that the human component is indispensable in searching influencers and establishing value-adding relations with them for brand promotion. It seems too reckless to believe influencer marketing could end up becoming the area of AI takeover.

AI in the Workplace for Your Marketing Team

In light of the said above, you should not assume that automation and advanced algorithms are not worth adopting. In the hands of creative marketers, an AI-based influencer search and analytics tool can become a powerful means of launching efficient marketing campaigns.

As a brand owner, you can work with companies providing end-to-end AI-based influencer marketing services, who will act as mediators between your brand and social media influencers. You can also opt for API to open up the benefits that AI and machine learning can offer to influencer marketing.

Access to API can enable your marketing team to better manage and improve existing campaigns by themselves. You can find verified accounts, brand loyal influencers, and increase outreach with less effort. The professional capabilities of API, which is based on intelligent search, can give you the following perks:

  • Allows reaching more audience
  • Significant cost savings while having a great ROI
  • Using the potential of your in-house marketing team is enough to adopt AI
  • More flexibility adjusting AI-based opportunities to your changing marketing needs

There are a few ways AI-driven API for influencer marketing can help you tackle challenges with enhanced efficiency.

AI-Based Influencer Marketing API

Looking for ways to integrate AI into your marketing workflow, you should factor into some characteristics that a valuable solution should necessarily have. Here are some of the key attributes.

Smart Search and Computer Vision

More image and video content are flooding social media. In 2019, the most important social channels for strategic brand promotion are Instagram (89%) and YouTube (70%). Lots of images shared online have no tags of keywords, which complicates detecting and analyzing brand mentions. It is necessary to analyze the content of images. That makes adopting computer vision in influencer marketing a way out. Automatic recognition of brand names and objects in images and video streams allows AI algorithms to collect more comprehensive data for digesting.

High-Quality Data

The quality of data directly impacts the accuracy of machine learning-based predictions. You need to have access to reliable and in-depth data on influencers to handpick those who match your brand perfectly. Also, real-time data is necessary to assess the effectiveness of your promotion campaign.

Relevant Insights

To ensure that an influencer is a good match for your brand, you need a platform that involves multiple filters for selecting candidates. Seeking to attract influencers producing content that resonates with your brand objectives, you can utilize such parameters as key interests, language, audience reaсhability, audience insights, engagement rate, posting frequency, mentioned brands, the sentiment of comments, and more. By integrating API into your product, you can choose the most important criteria and variables.

Advanced influencer marketing filters examples

Among the others, sentiment analysis is a function that can make working with consumer opinion easier for you. It enables identifying whether the expressed opinion is positive, negative, or neutral. Analyzing the feedback of an influencer’s audience, you can think about the value of this influencer to your brand.

Advanced Scalable Algorithms

Depending on the size and nature of your business, you may be on the lookout for influencers occupying a unique niche. You need to be able to search through millions of influencer accounts across popular social media platforms, which will aid you in spotting the talented voices of your brand.

Processes Automation

Now we are getting down to the processes your marketing team is probably still doing manually. Forget about wasting time on what can be automated today. Let AI-based discovery and analytics API complete the following for you:

  • Search millions of influencers on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Twitch
  • Get influencers’ content statistics and scrutinize their audience
  • Build a network of influencers and safely store useful contacts
  • Refine the search process with the help of multiple filters
  • Track posts performance and audience engagement in real-time

You can start trying out the platform providing more than 10 million accounts. As well, you can go on into building an API on demand. Our data scientists and engineers have strong expertise in machine learning and AI to offer to your brand.

Make the Best out of AI in Influencer Marketing

In sum, influencer marketing should remain relation-based. Automation is not a silver bullet when it comes to building trust with your audience and increasing your brand awareness. It would be best if you relied on AI in what it really can do well so far. Don’t expect it to be more than that.

Make AI-based API for influencer marketing campaigns your most effective tool but not a substitution to human expertise. Use the tool to get the maximum out of your brand promotion campaigns and dedicate your human workforces to the overall strategy. The key to success is to find an optimal balance between the AI-driven automation of influencer marketing and human-led decision-making.

Request API Access and Make Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns Smart

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