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Guide to AI consultancy and top consultants in 2023

1 November 2022
AI consultancy

Nowadays, it is not surprising how many companies chose to implement and reap the benefits of AI consultancy. And there is a solid reasoning to it. The smart solution can be applied to a wide range of businesses from E-commerce to healthcare and financial markets. But the most important part is the revolutionary technology itself.

The smart system has a completely different paradigm compared to what ordinary computers have. Any computer would automate logic and it has to follow the rules regardless of variation of data, whereas AI systems automates inductive learning.

AI adoption planning

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The basis of such learning lies in the input and output of data in repeated cycles, or loops, which enable the system to train its own intuition through that experience. The cognitive skills that machines now can use are learning, reasoning and self-correction. By applying them, computers train to accomplish specific tasks by processing data and recognizing patterns. Flawless accuracy of calculation together with intuition akin to humans make AI a number one asset for leading a successful business.

For AI implementation you need follow these steps:

  • Familiarize with the technology
  • Bring in experts to make your idea a reality
  • Identify the issues that AI would solve
  • Develop a perfect AI strategy according to your request
  • Apply AI to your data and set it for daily tasks.

We hope you find this guide helpful in order to understand and estimate the importance of each step you will take for achieving the ultimate goal.

What is AI consulting and why does your business need that?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every business need that can be easily applied without the help of particular specialists. To tackle all the issues and go through the challenges without losing your business because of risky decisions you would really need AI consulting.

Having the advice of such a consultancy is essential for your company to become really competitive. Experts in this field can help you correct and improve the results of any department of your business, both at the technological and non-technological levels.

AI consulting

The society in which we live has information as its main protagonist, which today is available to anyone in just a click. Huge amounts of analyzed data have become globalized thanks to the continuous technical advances that we experience. And your company has to adapt to this environment if you want it to survive with guarantees compared to others in your same sector.

Deep learning

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However, attempts to implement deep learning techniques of neural networks in practice can lead to disappointment in this idea. This is due both to the large number of subtleties and pitfalls present in this technology, and to the fact that AI is not a panacea and is not suitable in every possible case.

To make improvements with this top-notch technology is not easy for most businesses, unless you have the advice of specialized professionals. It is at this moment when consulting companies linked to this field become more and more important for business.

What to expect and what you will get with artificial intelligence consultancy

What does an AI consultancy consist of, you may ask. A chosen company that provides such service connects you with professionals capable of offering advisory services in the management and implementation of new technologies. One of the main objectives of their job is to analyze the critical points of your business and adapt to their needs, offering tailor-made solutions.

In that case, you can count on a wide range of AI consulting services. Among the most common, we highlight the following:

Defining your strategy

The most important job here is to identify the reasons why your business needs to get this transformation with the help of smart technology. The formula for success is to face the issues and provide solutions according to AI abilities.

The advisory company always has an idea how to tackle that based on the experience of various clients, so the choice of specialists has not the least importance in this question. You may also need Machine Learning consulting if you seek high-quality output on the unstructured data and delivery of automated smart systems.

Defining strategy

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Business scrupulousness

A 100% success can’t be achieved without solid awareness of the AI business. It is essential because success cases in AI are different from any other you are familiar with. This market is quite new so firms try to gain a foothold by gradually adding one success story after another.

To excel in an AI solution based on deep learning, you need to have more or better tagged data than your rivals. Any software becomes better as product owners learn through use patterns. Still, the prediction accuracy of the model increases with the amount of input data.

Assessing data science teams is different from assessing front end teams, for example. Their academic qualifications may play much greater roles than on typical software development teams. These involve comprehension and evaluation of the data sets required for AI models, articulation of quick approaches to compare the solutions of multiple AI providers, and introduction to academic and workplace advances in the field.

Turning your ambitions into action

The implementation of the strategy will lead to a number of activities such as scheduling, sourcing if necessary, managing a project, drafting, improving business processes affected by the project, analyzing the effect of changes, and so on.

Like any advisory service, either or even all of the activities can be performed by artificial intelligence consultants but in the long run it may result in high expense if your company doesn’t have the necessary expertise to implement the plan step by step.

Hiring AI consultants

Therefore, having the services of a consultancy of this type is equivalent to being able to work with professionals familiar with technology and innovation. In this way, you will have all the guarantees of productivity and efficiency in your work.

Transmission of knowledge

The highest value of the consulting project is to enhance the culture and skills of your company. Сonsulting artificial intelligence firms should ensure that customer teams have the ability and knowledge to deliver the technology they’ll be using.

Organized training materials should be prepared together with the necessary documentation to ensure knowledge transfer process. By doing so, you increase the chance to eliminate stress points and troubles in the future implementation and management of new technology.


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These are some of the most common services that artificial intelligence consulting firms can offer you when it comes to improving the digitization process of a company.

Anyway, you can be sure that there are indispensable work areas for the renovation of your company to turn it into a really competitive business.

Digital transformation

Undoubtedly, along with all the benefits provided, there are also investments that should not be forgotten.

Obviously, each case is different and unique, but there are some crucial factors that will determine the price of consulting service. Most consulting artificial intelligence efforts have a price based on an estimate of the time and supplies needed for the project. This is usually stipulated at the beginning of cooperation.

Top AI consulting companies in 2023

Now that you are familiar with the main principles of working with AI strategy consulting, it’s time to take a look at top AI consulting firms you can choose from to pursue your goal of improving business.

InData Labs

The company has proven expertise in AI, ML, Big Data Analytics, NLP and Predictive Analytics. Professional engineers will help you analyze your current input data, select the best implementation methods, and demonstrate similar completed projects, so you will be able to make a decision on the implementation of the project based on the opinion of an expert. Justified requirements for the quality, quantity of data and its sufficiency will determine the selected architecture of neural networks or simpler algorithms.


Is a well-known provider of strategy consulting for data-driven businesses. The company has earned a reputation as a reliable assistant in the cases of implementing artificial intelligence and transforming the workflow with the proven capabilities and experience from +100 million users.


Innovation-driven company focuses on businesses that aim at clients growth and the implementation of smart solutions. You can also rely on customer relationship management, BI services and resource planning when working with qualified experts. The company claims its superior performance to be the result of keeping up to global technology trends and strategic initiatives.

ThirdEye Data

Improving your business with the company is easy thanks to optimal methods of data collection and preprocessing. These are seamlessly supported by AI, ML and Deep Learning. ThirdEye Data aims to provide assistance for businesses which strive to increase their revenue, enhance operation and address the standards of the high-tech era we live in.


The company has mastered their chatbot development service together with cognitive based automation services. 7edge have had many clients from various industries which is a crucial part of their success on the market. Professionals can provide solutions to expand the businesses of their clients using the top-notch technologies. Moreover, 7edge offers managing cloud services, technology consulting and analysis of Big Data.

Bottom line

We must not forget that we live in an increasingly digitized society and that those who do not adapt to it will not have the necessary resources to be able to manage their business with the solvency necessary to survive. In that sense, AI consulting provides endless solutions. The smart solution clearly represents a rising force of a technology field across a wide variety of sectors.

The success of consultancy is based, in essence, on the contribution of specialized knowledge and experience made by the professionals of its staff to the heads of many companies that still do not have useful notions for the business in new technologies. In this way, companies have the possibility to improve their efficiency and competitiveness in the sector, offering better data analysis, user experience and customer service guaranteeing their success.

Hire a qualified AI consultant today

If you feel the urge to boost the performance of your business, get in touch with us and our AI consultants will guide you through the most appropriate strategy to implement top-notch technology today.


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