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10 AI and Computer Vision Conferences [Still Not Canceled]

16 March 2020
AI and computer vision events 2020

The coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, continues to take an impact on all industries across the world, and the business of tech conferences is not an exception. The major tech events are being canceled over coronavirus concerns. Google I/O, Facebook’s F8, Strata Data + AI are some of the events that have been postponed for an uncertain period.

Computer Vision, a part of artificial intelligence, has come a long way from differentiating between typed and handwritten text to making self-driving cars a reality. By 2022, the computer vision and hardware market is expected to reach $48.6 billion. The era of computer vision has just begun, and it’s here to stay.

If you’re looking for a computer vision event or two, here’s the list of the best events to attend in 2020.

Banking and Finance

AI in banking and Finance

Source: Unsplash

Digital Transformation in Banking Summit unveils case studies in Europe, live rollouts and workshops, industry best practices and addresses the challenges of implementing Digital Transformation into everyday life. If you want to incorporate proven strategies to advance customer assurance or improve financial accuracy utilizing computer vision technology, you should definitely give this summit a go.

Date: 22nd April 2020
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

European AI for Finance crafts the most exclusive AI and CV initiatives targeted at the financial industry in Europe. The speakers will discuss the optimization of fraud detection and cybersecurity, big data and data processing, AR in insurance, smart trading for investment strategies and so on.

Date: 8th Sep 2020
Location: Paris, France

AI In Finance Summit highlights technologies in AI & ML that can be utilized to disrupt the banking and finance sector. Topics they’ll be covering: computer vision, reinforcement learning and machine learning for forecasting, wealth management, payments innovation, portfolio optimization, chatbots, Robo advisors, cybersecurity and so on.

Date: 10-11th Sep 2020
Location: New York, NY


Ai and healthcare events in 2020

Source: Shutterstock

British Machine Vision Conference is one of the best CV conferences exploring disruptions in machine vision, image processing, and pattern recognition. The speakers will be sharing their ideas and experiences on face and gesture recognition, model-based vision, document processing, and recognition, vision for quality assurance and diagnosis, 3D computer vision and many more.

Date: 23d April 2020
Location: Manchester, UK

The AI Summit London is one of the UK’s most significant events so far that will gather 17,000 attendees, 200+ solution providers, and more than 5,000 enterprises. This event will guide you on your journey of business transformation, whether you are initiating, implementing or optimising your AI projects. Across two days of The AI Summit London, leading speakers will deliver over 200 sessions of exclusive insight covering different topics, industry verticals starting from media and finishing with Healthcare, and benefits for business transformation.

Date: 10-11th Jun 2020
Location: London, UK

AI in Healthcare Summit brings to the table the latest news on the AI breakthroughs set to improve healthcare, medicine & diagnostics, as well as industrial applications and key insights. The summit will be featuring the following topics: computer vision diagnosis, speech recognition, personalized medicine, disruptive technologies in clinical patient care, Robotics, NLP, eHealth records and medical imaging.

Date: 18-19th Jun 2020
Location: Boston, MA

AI In Healthcare Summit Europe unveils the latest technology advancement in the Healthcare industry.
The participants will have a unique opportunity to attend deep-dive sessions and in-depth interviews. Come and gauge the emerging trends in NLP, image analysis, computer vision, and AI assistants.

Date: 17-18th Sep 2020
Location: London, UK

Digital Marketing and Advertising

ai and marketing events 2020

Source: Shutterstock

AI In Marketing Summit discovers the latest AI advancements and how to leverage computer vision to take advertising and marketing to a brand new level. Among the topics is fraud detection, targeted marketing campaigns, SEO and personalized ads. The event is not only good for discovering the business value of Artificial intelligence but also growing your network.

Date: 17-18th Sep 2020
Location: London, UK

Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference aims to help marketing leaders understand, pilot and scale AI. The conference is aimed to provide digital marketing managers with ideas on how to utilize AI for increasing productivity, generating greater ROI and boosting revenue. Come and learn more about computer vision, AI assistants for marketing and sales, conversational AI in search, big data driving brands growth and so on.

Date: 14-16th Jun 2020
Location: Cleveland, OH


Ai and retail events 2020

Source: Shutterstock

AI In Retail Summit provides vivid insights into the latest AI advancements and highlights methods to improve customer service and the overall retail experience. If you’re looking for advice on applying computer vision to stock level optimization, personalized shopping, manufacturing and quality control, this event is worth attending.

Date: 17-18th Sep 2020
Location: London, UK

We’ve come up with the list of the must-attend Computer Vision events this year. Hopefully, these conferences will bring you the value of extending knowledge and learning beyond your field of interest and growing your network.

If you’re planning to attend some of these events, please, double-check if the conferences are not closed or postponed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Wash your hands and stay healthy.

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