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AI Research and Development

We are a leading data science firm with our own AI R&D center

AI is evolving in leaps and bounds, and is playing a crucial role in modern society. This technology triggers great shifts in such industries as healthcare, automotive, retail, construction, banking, advertising, and more. AI is about to change the job landscape and ways of service delivery.

The impact of AI on human life is steadily growing. As a leading artificial intelligence company,
we are at the forefront of assisting businesses and individuals in adopting AI-driven technologies and transforming traditional operations.

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InData Labs is one of the AI researchers and R&D leaders seeking ways to continuously improve expertise in the field, adopt state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches.

R&D Activities

We continually look for new methods and approaches to improve our products and services with AI technology. Our team cooperates with R&D departments of the world's leading companies in computer vision (CV) and natural language processing (NLP).
  • Tailor CV algorithms for robotics and automation
  • Craft NLP solutions to enhance BI and analytics
  • Solve segmentation problem in 3D point clouds
  • Train algorithms and convolutional neural networks for working with unstructured and semi-structured documents
  • Build predictive analytics models using cross validation techniques for evaluation

Our Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Expertise

  • Visual Search
    Visual Search
    We are using a deep learning approach and tailor neural network-based solutions that enable machine vision technology and allow automated detection and recognition of objects and people.
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  • Pose Estimation
    Pose Estimation
    We build custom pose estimation models based on vast amounts of training data, thoroughly gathered, labeled, and verified. We analyze your business specifics, domain trends, and develop the best possible solution for you using proprietary technologies.
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  • Logo Detection
    Logo Detection
    Our team creates machine learning-based logo detection and image recognition solutions that help improve brand visibility through real-time capturing and identifying brand logos on images or broadcast video streams.
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  • Object Segmentation in 3D Point Clouds
    Object Segmentation in 3D Point Clouds
    As a tech company, we tackle object segmentation problems in 3D point clouds and generate immersive 3D models of the physical world with great ease and efficiency.

We are always looking for new ways, innovative approaches, and bright ideas that will allow us to make our products and services second to none. We do invest in AI technology and computer vision, and know that the future is AI.

The InData Labs technical team actively participates in tech events all over the world. We keep pace with the latest trends and studies in the field of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning.

The Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Hack

InData Labs participated in a two-day Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Hackathon that took place in the University of Sheffield, UK.

The main goal was the automation of the process of identifying defective parts of aircraft in the early stages of production.

One of the requirements of the hackathon was not only to provide a data analysis and machine learning solution, but also to justify the financial benefits of its implementation.

InData Labs at a Rolls-Royce Manufacturing Hackathon
AI Day

We believe the world is on the verge of an AI revolution, and AI is a good investment.
Our mission is to bring the power of AI to every business. To accomplish this, we take active steps towards helping the data science community to grow.

In 2017, InData Labs organized an AI-Day at the site of the Business Incubator of the High Tech Park.

The brightest minds in artificial intelligence gathered to discuss emerging technologies and the challenging aspects of implementing AI-powered solutions in real projects.

AI Day Minsk Event
Data Fest3

Data Fest is an informal conference that unites researchers, engineers and other data science folks.

Our Machine Learning Engineer, Roman Merkulov, presented research regarding NLP with a focus on innovations that have been introduced to natural language processing in recent years.

He discussed whether the transfer of learning for text data will become as powerful as for computer vision, and how far we are from the moment when machines will be able to communicate with us in natural language.

InData Labs at Data Fest Conference

Other Events

  • Event Datathon
  • Event Octopus AI
  • Event GDG Devfest
  • DataViz Event
  • Event Belarus Big Data
  • Event Altoros Meetup

Participation in events of such a format and level allows us to build up extensive experience by diving into new and specific domain areas. It is a source of inspiration that enables our AI company to take a broad view of tasks.

Why Work With Us?

  • Highly Experienced Team
    Leading AI Research and Development Team

    Our team comprises 80+ professionals who have an extensive experience of working with the most advanced AI technologies.

  • Contribution to Scientific Community
    Contribution to the Scientific Community

    Our data scientists and machine learning engineers deliver lectures at leading universities in the Republic of Belarus. 59% have a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, System Analysis, and Computer Science.

  • Multi-faceted Approach and Analysis
    Multi-Faceted Approach and Analysis

    We always invest a lot of effort in finding the most optimal technical solution for each client.

  • Extensive Domain Experience
    Extensive Domain Experience

    Our team has extensive experience and deep domain know-how in big data and artificial intelligence solutions.

  • State-of-the-art Technologies
    State-of-the-Art Technologies

    As one of the world leaders in AI, we are always looking for new ways to improve our services and get the best possible results with the help of proven technologies.

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